Lord of the Fading Lands ~ Fantasy that Kicks Ass!


lord of the fading lands coverI loved this book so much that I bought the other four as soon as I finished it. Now I just need to find the time to read them. Lord of the Fading Lands is infused with both sensual and deadly moments, and I could not put it down. Rain will break your heart over and over again, mending it each and every time. Rain is a King, he’s a shape-shifter and he has a broken heart. Ellysetta is nobody, but she’s his perfect match in every way. I have a feeling this series is just getting interesting. This one is a must read! And that is why this book Kicks Ass!


Once he drove back the darkness.
Once he loved with such passion his name was legend.

Once, driven wild with grief over the murder of his beloved, the majestic Fey King Rain Tairen Soul had laid waste to the world before vanishing into the Fading Lands. Now, a thousand yearslater, a new threat draws him back into the world—and a new love reawakens the heart he thought long-dead.

Ellysetta, a woodcarver’s daughter, calls to Rain in a way no other ever had. Mysterious and magical, her soul beckons him with a compelling, seductive song—and no matter the cost, thewildness in his blood will not be denied. as an ancient, familiar evil regains its strength, causing centuries-old alliances to crumble and threatening doom for Rain and his people . . .he must claim his truemate to embrace the destiny woven for them both in the mists of time.