KAC Books

Gemma Brocato

Playing With Fire ASL 10_smallA Five Senses Shortcookinguplove_CoverHIH CoverETP CoverBed_Of_Roses_CoverOnlyMission_Mistletoe_Cover

Juliette Cross

SF CoverCrossJuliette_WindburnNightbloomForgedInFire72webSealedInSin72webBoundInBlack72webWaking The Dragon-HIGHRES RISINGfinal[2]Resistance

A.S. Fenichel

End of DaysAscension 2 (2)DECEPTION_hi-res by Morgan Pielli jpegBetrayal Smallkanesbounty_msrJoshua's Mistake_JPGtraining rain final christmasbliss_msralaskanexposure_hires wishinggame_msrMayan Afterglow by A.S. Fenichel   Mayan Craving by A.S. Fenichel   Mayan Inferno by A.S. Fenichel  Revving Up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel

Sarah Hegger

thebridegift sweetbea_a sarahbook1a nobodysangel nobodysfool

Kyra Jacobs

Hometown Heroes #1Flirting With FireHUD_rebrand_400DragonsAmongThem_600x900

Sabine Priestley


Kristi Rose

9781616505608TheGirlHeNeeds_hires_color2  secondchances-rose-ebook  onceagain-rose-ebookweb  reasontostay-rose-ebookweb  hestheone-rose-ebook kissmeagain-rose-ebookweb   love comes home small

One thought on “KAC Books

  1. Great site. Any chance I could convince one of you to check out St. Barts? It’s an e-book compilation of the first four novels in a steamy contemporary series set on….the sexiest island on the planet. Let me know and I can send you either a mobi or pdf copy. I am with a tiny UK publisher and any help getting the word out would be appreciated. Er…did I mention they are steamy novels? Emme


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