Meet the Chicks

And just who are these KickAss Chicks, you ask?

gemmaGemma Brocato — Author of Contemporary and Science Fiction Romance.

Favorite Things: Fooling her family into believing the food they’re eating isn’t healthy, making up plausible answers to questions she doesn’t understand, and avoiding any kind of exercise. Oh, and zombies. Can’t forget zombies.

Pet Peeves: People making any kind of noise while she’s watching The Walking Dead, possessive apostrophes and the letter S, the guy who blocks the end of her driveway while waiting for the school bus with his kids, and black socks with blue shoes (or vice versa).

Addictions: Daryl Dixon and The Walking Dead, shifter stories, shopping at hardware stores, and fuzzy blankets.

KickAss Superpower: Keeping snarky comments and witty comebacks to herself.



authorpic6 take 4Juliette Cross — Author of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance: Sensual, Dark, and Razor-sharp

Favorite Things: Knee-high boots, autumn leaves, literary action figures, Renaissance festivals, and my bad ass marcasite-studded silver ring (I could punch someone out with it, no kidding.)

Pet Peeves: Traffic, litterbugs, fake tans, fake people, dumb jocks, talkers/texters in the movie theatre (Seriously. Shut the fuck UP.)

Addictions: Dark chocolate, red wine, Peaky Blinders, Masterpiece Theatre, and Gerard-hang-on-to-your-panties-Butler

KickAss Superpower: Writing seven fricking books in a year. 



A.S. Fenichel AuthorA.S. Fenichel — Author of Paranormal Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Sweet Historical Romance, Erotic Romance. In other words, I can’t make up my mind and just write whatever I freaking want.

Favorite Things: Purses and shoes, they never get too big or too small. They always fit just right. Surprises (only good ones) The Hallmark Hall of Fame movies (LOVE) Morning coffee with my honey and two fur babies.

Pet Peeves: People who drive under the speed limit. Get off the road! Dishonesty makes me go nutcakes as does disrespect. Ignorance tops the list, be kind, be thoughtful, don’t F**K with me.

Addicitons: HGTV, Wine, Chocolate, Coffee, a good book and Colin Firth. Actually I have a whole list of hotties, but there’s no room for them all here.

KickAss Superpower: I know what you’re thinking and I’m putting it in my next book. Oh yes I do, you naughty thing. 😉

Website – 


Bio PicSarah Hegger — Author of Contemporary and Historical Romance, and whatever takes her fancy next

Favorite Things: Jimmy Choos, anything sparkly that comes in one of those small, square boxes, deep bowl café lattes, B-Grade Fantasy/Sci-Fi movies, and long slow Saturday mornings.

Pet Peeves: Talon nails, boybands, dirty rotten liars, and people who don’t signal—that thing next to your steering wheel, for the love of God, use it!!!!

Addictions: Potato chips (anyflavor, any make), deep bowl café lattes, Travis we-need-more-shirtless-scenes Fimmel (for now), romance novels that steam up my glasses.

KickAss Superpower: Invisibility while at my keyboard and teen girl wrangling.



Kyra_Jacobs_Author_web1aKyra Jacobs — Author of Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal Romance

Favorite Things: Blue jeans, sarcasm, dumb-humor movies, coffee with my besties.

Pet Peeves: Drama queens, people who don’t know how to use their gas pedal (or turn signals), whiners, long checkout lines.

Addictions: Ice cream, College Football, British Accents, Theo-be-my-Golden-Boy-James

KickAss Superpower: Able to silence bullshit with a single brow.



SabineSabine Priestley — Author of Science Fiction Romance and Urban Fantasy. Hot, steamy and out of this world.

Favorite Things: Bags and boots. A girl can’t have too many purses or shoes. Glitter. Dragons and hot dudes with wings. Traveling the world and hanging with friends and family. Long walks on the beach.

Pet Peeves: That ass-wipe that insists on going slow in the left lane. Commercials. Except for during the Super Bowl which is the only time I watch football.

Addictions: Dark chocolate, lattes and wine. Occasionally, all at once.

KickAss Superpower: Speaks fluent Sarcasm and Snark. Remembers more of her dreams than any human should.



kristi roseKristi Rose — Author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction stories. Her characters are so familiar you’re pretty sure you know or have hung out with them at one time or another.

Favorite Things: Loud music and dancing around my house. Laughter with good friends. Fire pits and fall nights. Classic movies and using the 1920’s phrase, “Listen here, say,” And my stun gun.

Pet Peeves: People who can’t apologize and impatient jacktards that you’re forced to wait in line with. That’s why I carry a stun gun. 

Addictions: Freeze dried peas, London Fog’s and hot boiled peanuts. 

KickAss Superpower: Power of detection: I can see an asshole move coming long before the thought’s been conceived.


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