Finding Motivation in Tennis-#TakeAMomentMonday

2016-05-01 19.06.03

Welcome to another installation of Take A Moment Monday. With the French Open Tennis tournament right around the corner, I find my thoughts turning courtside. I typically watch the slam tournaments and read player interviews because to me, these athletes epitomize the never say die attitude I want to embrace. And that is my moment this week. That caption above is something I take to heart. I work to achieve my dream of being a successful author.

To that end, I surround myself with people I know will root for me to attain my goals. My Writing Warrior friends, who get up early with me, and cheer me on when I hit a word count goal. Ladies who will kick my ass when I need it, but also tell me it’s okay to take a few days off when everyday stress gets me down.

I have several friends who know just the right words to say when I find my faith in myself flagging (I do thrive on flattery. I mean who doesn’t?). But I strive to return the favor because I want to be the supportive friend to them they have been to me.

Every game in tennis starts with love. When you fault on the first serve, you get a second chance. You learn from the wins and the losses. Each point is a new opportunity, just like each new story. If you keep your eye on the ball and follow through, you can add a tick on the win column. Even when the fans are for the other guy, they will cheer you on as well.

I’m just going to take this moment and enjoy each match, on the court and off. Wishing each of you a lovely week. May all your matches start with love.

Gemma Sig-1a