Fun Guy Friday Robot Style

Hello Humans.

This week’s Fun Guy Friday is being taken over by robots.

Robot HeartFirst, because robots need love too, here are some robot pickup lines. I admit that some of these are so bad it hurts, but some will have you loling in your chair.

Robot Pickup Lines



Next up, anyone who’s ever researched robots and design knows how hard it is to get the buggers standing and functioning like a human. Here are some Robot Fails curtesy of DARPA’s Robotics Challenge last year. Robot Doh

Finally, because I can’t get enough of this dude, Boston Dynamic’s Spot. (Stop kicking that dog!) Turns out Google had to get in on the fun too. I can think of tons of applications for this thing including taking some of the heat off our people in the service. Here’s Googles take on it.

Robot DogWhat do you think Spot will be used for?

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

Sabine red

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