Five-Line Friday – A Look At Tyranny

It’s Friday! Hooray! We’ve made it through another week. The Chicks hope that work didn’t defeat you this week and you have only happy events ahead of you for the weekend.

Here something a little different for all of our writer friends. We invite you to post in comments 5 lines from your Work In Progress, or from the book you are reading (be sure to attribute the work to the Author/Publisher please).

This week, we’ll keep it simple. Post the first five lines in a chapter. Let’s see what you’ve got!

I’ll start us off with the opening from my new book – Tyranny.

A violent crack of thunder reverberated against the stained glass window gracing the elaborate marble stairwell. The colorful display was meant to impress visitors as they entered the building. Right now, the only impressive thing about it was that the panels hadn’t rattled right out of the beads of lead holding them in place.

It ranked as one of the worst storm Clio Thanos had ever experienced. And she’d lived through more than a lifetime’s worth of them.

That’s it! I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

Gemma Sig-1a

14 thoughts on “Five-Line Friday – A Look At Tyranny

  1. Love this opening of Tyrrany, Gemma. Sets the perfect tone. Okay, here’s 5 lines from my WIP, my semi-secret project. Fairly easy to guess the paranormal element in this one from these lines from chapter 1 of ARABELLE. 🙂

    She scoffed and squared her shoulders, pushing her breasts up to ample heights. “I believe these will do.”
    Deek grinned, his gold-capped tooth glinting by candlelight. “They’re lovely, Belle. But there will be plenty of large breasts and vulnerable necks on display for the prince’s taking. That’s not enough to entice him.”

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  2. First 5 lines from the current book I’m reading (as a am NOT an author! LOL!) This is from “Pucked Over” by Helena Hunting, Chapter 2… So funny and hot!!!! On chapter 15 already, started reading at 10pm last night.

    “I find myself pressed up against the door, the handle jabbing into my lower back as Lily rams her tongue down my throat. She breaks the kiss—if you could even call it that—and shoves away from me, but she’s still holding my shirt. Her nostrils flare a little, and her eyes—a shade of brown so dark I almost can’t see where her iris ends and the pupil begins—are glazed. I have no idea what I thought was going to come of following her into this bathroom. My only plan was to have some kind of discussion, since the last time we had words they included her calling me an asshole, as well as a slew of other creative insults, and she won’t answer my calls.”

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  3. Great stuff! Here’s five from Chapter 3 of Tainted Bride. Just finishing up the edits for the September release. So Excited.

    “I cannot believe I let you talk me into attending this ridiculous ball, with that ridiculous chandelier.” The Earl of Marlton blistered at Thomas.
    Thomas smirked. “Don’t point at the thing. We’ll end up spending the entire night fending off stories of crystals from Austria. I have other plans for this evening.”
    “Yes, so you said, a goddess with a gift for humor. So, where is this icon of beauty and …

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  4. Here we go with five-ish lines from Nobody’s Princess, releasing February 23rd, like as in Wednesday (eek!)
    Tiffany needed a man, about six-two with blond hair and a tan. Right now, or life as she knew it was over. Teeny exaggeration, but she was desperate for one white male, twentysomething, handsome, light eyed, and ripped and cut like every girl’s dirty dream.
    In Chicago, a city of a shade over 2.7 million people, 48 percent of them male, and 31 percent of them white, how hard could that be? Of course, to accurately calculate the chances she’d need to break that down into how many of the male residents were white and between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five. If she could get five seconds to write this all down in her book, she could do it.

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  5. Totally enjoying these. Here’s a snippet from Twice Tethered. My new Parafantasy Urban Normal series. lol.

    “What are you doing here?” Her voice shook with more than adrenaline from the encounter with Seth.
    “Part owner. Remember?”
    She couldn’t take her eyes off his lips. If she leaned forward just a hair…
    He beat her to it, tilting at the last moment and brushing his lips across her ear. “That image I keep seeing in my head…” He leaned back to gaze into her eyes.
    She caught her breath as the picture burned bright in her mind. She swore she could feel him pulsing inside her. Guilt must have been written on her face, her cheeks burned.
    He nodded. “I thought so. Is that what you want, Priya?” His voice was low and gravelly, he made her name sound so exotic. The heat of his breath sent chills down her spine.

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