#TakeAMomentMonday–The Journey

For Take a Moment Monday today, I’d like to share something I’ve thought about a lot recently. As an author, I often feel like I’ve been designated to the eternal “waiting room.” Patience seems to be required at every turn in this industry as we wait–for response to queries and editors, for our next release, for our next promo event, for a new cover or a new contract, for feedback from beta readers or reviewers. It all just feels like an endless line of waiting.


And while this is true, it’s really all about perspective. I’ve had some wise friends tell me to “enjoy the journey.” I’ve even told myself that, but it was only recently that it finally clicked for me. I thought of friends I know in teaching, who are waiting for the next holiday…and then the next…and the next. And somewhere in realizing that I’m not alone in waiting for the next event in my life, I discovered there are other smaller moments I enjoy and cherish every single day–waking up early to write, sprinting with my awesome friend and kickass chick, Gemma Brocato, and sometimes even A.S. Fenichel or Kyra Jacobs. Chatting with other author friends who offer me encouragement and inspiration, like Kyra, Cora Cade, or Rhenna Morgan. Or enjoying the supportive group of authors I know online, specifically all of the KACs, who make me laugh, cry and often “talk me from the ledge,” when something in the industry drives me nuts.38787826_s

And then, there’s the joy that family brings. I’ve made a pointed effort not to become so absorbed in my online world, that I’m ignoring the most important people in my life. My little one, Jack, who is five said the other day, “turn your computer off and play a game with me.” I did just that right away. So I spent my writing time playing Operation and High-Ho Cherry-O’s instead. And it was worth every second.

So yes, back to perspective. It’s true that I’m still waiting for the next review, release, deadline, whatever. But while I wait, I’m going to focus on the moments in life that bring me joy and peace of mind, which are all found in The Journey along the way–in the silly memes or gifs my author friends send me to bring a smile to my face, in the laughter of my son when he wins the game, in a phone call to my mom who lives farther away, in the afternoon silence after a long day, in an encouraging word to or from a friend who really needs it.

27831997_sSo here are my final thoughts for Take a Moment Monday–discover those smaller moments in your daily life that bring you that same joy and peace of mind and cherish them. Keep them closer to your heart than you do waiting for the next “big event” to roll along. Enjoy your journey, wherever that may take you.



9 thoughts on “#TakeAMomentMonday–The Journey

  1. When I used to lament the next holiday or next vacation, my mom use to tell me to stop wishing your life away. It’s so easy to forget to enjoy every moment. We don’t get that much time here and we should enjoy the crap out of it all, live it to the fullest and revel in the joy of it. Thanks for the reminder. xo


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