#HolidayHorror, #Life. Tell us your story

Hi all~ Kristi Rose here today and looking to hear your #HolidayHorror story. You know you’ve got one.

Who here has had a holiday that looked like it was scripted by the writers of Christmas Vacation?

I know we’ve been the Griswolds a time or two.

Courtesy of Youtube

Courtesy of Youtube

Come on, what’s your story? A Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Courtesy of reddit

Courtesy of reddit


Maybe it’s something to do with family?

Courtesy of reddit

Courtesy of reddit

Tell us your story! Make sure to tag is #HolidayHorror and #Life


I’ll go first. In college one of my closest friend gave me a silky pajama set for Christmas. It looked very dated and well…faded in certain spots like it had been on a shelf, never touch, with light hitting it all day. I decided to exchange it for something a little more…me. Thankfully, the tags were still on it. Expecting to get a store credit, I shopped before I went to customer service. Unfortunately, that never happened. While, yes, the pajama set did come from the store it hadn’t been sold there in over four years. No, I never said anything to my ‘friend’. But I did start picking different study partners. #HolidayHorror #Life



2 thoughts on “#HolidayHorror, #Life. Tell us your story

  1. When I worked at the shopping mall, the morning of our huge breakfast with Santa event, the Christmas tree I’d so lovingly decorated fell over at 6 in the morning. Sappy water all over the floor, smashed ornaments, and no time to clean it up, because I had to go pick up the donuts for the breakfast. Thank goodness Mr. Gemma doesn’t mind cleaning. Everything (except the shattered ornaments) was good as new by the time I returned home. After that, I double checked the screws on the tree stand every year. #NoMoreCrookedTrees

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