The Year That Was

Woman walking toward an entrance with numbers 2016 This has been both a very tough and a very rewarding year for me.

I saw the first two contemporary romances I’ve written make it onto real book shelves. I still don’t get tired of popping into a Barnes & Noble every time I pass one, and just having a peek to see if they’re still there.

We moved again (*groan*) in the middle of the year. This one was the toughest yet, as my girls are 14 and 15 and don’t transition as easily as they used to. On the plus side, we found a real dream home. Out in the country with nothing but the wildlife for neighbors and still within a ten minute drive of everything I need.

At the beginning of the year, I signed with an agent for the first time, and she went to work right away. It took a long time to finalize the details, but we signed a two-book deal with Kensington, which will see me back in bookstores in 2017, and another for 3 new medieval e books with Lyrical.

In 2016, I’m looking to refine and focus my energy more. Writing and publishing is a huge learning curve, and a lot of energy gets wasted going down the wrong roads a time or two. Things that don’t work for me, have to go (both personally and professionally). I’ve been doing an incredible process of energy healing over the last few weeks, and whether you believe that sort of thing is useful or not, it has affirmed what I know to be true. I have to live my truth, my way, to find the right path, and surrender to it. Instead of trying to bend it to go the direction I think it should go.

I’m looking forward to it. Watch the chicks and me shoot straight as an arrow for where we need to be. It promises to be a wild flight.




Fun Guy Friday- Girls talking smack about a dude’s name.

Hey All~

Last week we heard what guys think about a girl’s name. This week- it’s the girls turn.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 18.48.35


Because  these are too good- here’s another!


What do you think? Are they right? I have a friend and her mom told us that had she been a boy she would have been named Atholl. we still laugh about that because…seriously….no one can win with that name ( I apologize to all the Atoll’s in the world).

Have a great weekend~



#HolidayHorror, #Life. Tell us your story

Hi all~ Kristi Rose here today and looking to hear your #HolidayHorror story. You know you’ve got one.

Who here has had a holiday that looked like it was scripted by the writers of Christmas Vacation?

I know we’ve been the Griswolds a time or two.

Courtesy of Youtube

Courtesy of Youtube

Come on, what’s your story? A Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Courtesy of reddit

Courtesy of reddit


Maybe it’s something to do with family?

Courtesy of reddit

Courtesy of reddit

Tell us your story! Make sure to tag is #HolidayHorror and #Life


I’ll go first. In college one of my closest friend gave me a silky pajama set for Christmas. It looked very dated and well…faded in certain spots like it had been on a shelf, never touch, with light hitting it all day. I decided to exchange it for something a little more…me. Thankfully, the tags were still on it. Expecting to get a store credit, I shopped before I went to customer service. Unfortunately, that never happened. While, yes, the pajama set did come from the store it hadn’t been sold there in over four years. No, I never said anything to my ‘friend’. But I did start picking different study partners. #HolidayHorror #Life



Fun Guy Friday: What Boys Think of Girl Names!

Hey, everybody! Everyone needs a good laugh on Friday, right? I thought you might enjoy these if you haven’t seen them on Buzzfeed yet. What Boys Think of Girl Names. Hilarious! Here’s Part I:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 18.41.01

And now for Part II:

Screenshot 2015-12-10 18.46.16

Have a fabulous weekend!

Setbacks and Forward Thinking – Kyra Jacobs

Setbacks and Forward Thinking – Kyra Jacobs

Ah, 2015. You can’t end soon enough.

Anyone else feeling that way this year? lol

I so loved Sabine’s post last week about “This too shall pass”, a phrase that’s has helped me through some rocky times these past few months. That, and the serenity prayer.

Though, I have to admit, I like the Seinfeld version a bit better.


Ah, but no matter which section of the roller coaster of life I’m on, I strive to look for the positives. Because really? Life’s too damned short to sit around wallowing in the “what if” ‘s  or the “coulda been” ‘s. Chuck Swindoll said once that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

In other words, it’s your life–make the most of it.

So that’s what I’m doing. Facing forward, leaving the past in the past. Being grateful for all I’ve been through, as it’s helped shape me into who I am today, and savoring every bit of good in the here and now. And how can I not, when there’s so much awesomeness on the horizon in 2016?

I have 4 books slated for release in 2016. FOUR !! That’s one more than I currently have on my backlist, and I’m freaking stoked. Three are in a new fantasy romance series from Samhain with sexy dragon-shifting men (oh, baby…) and book 2 in my Checkberry Inn sweet romance series with Entangled (book 3 is slated for early 2017).

Ideas are hitting me from every direction, and the writing momentum is on the upswing. And when it falters–which it does, so goes the writer’s life–then I’ll give my brain a few days’ rest and wait for the ideas to strike again. Play a little tennis or soccer with the kids, immerse myself in my flowerbeds. In other words, disconnect from the laptop for a short while. So far, that’s been working for me.

How about you? What do you do to shake off the funk? Great minds want to know…

Here’s to a KickAss year in 2016!




Two New Books in the Five Senses Series

I’ve been so caught up in life in general in the past two months I’ve forgotten to post my new releases here. I have two new books in the Five Senses Series.

A Spirited Love

Hearts entwined, their love will conquer history. 

Jem KerriganASL 10_small appears to have it all. Her husband, Jack, loves her to distraction. She owns a thriving café in Granite Pointe, and she’s considering expanding her business. The only thing not falling nicely into place, the thing she wants most, is a baby bump.

Hoping to distract Jem from their inability to conceive, Jack buys Sea View House and encourages her to pursue her dream of opening a banquet space. Jem is skeptical when she sees the dilapidated wreck atop a bluff. Deserted for a decade, rumors are rampant about ghosts and ill-fated love stories. While there is something haunting about the hundred-year-old mansion, the woven hearts themeenchants Jem.

After discovering the tragic story of the original owners, Jem begins to understand the importance of the carvings of entwined hearts scattered throughout the house. The motif quickly becomes a symbol of Jem’s love for Jack. The promise of their future together is spirited, even if Jem’s arms remain empty.

Click on the Cover to learn more.

Playing With Fire

Playing With FireEvery day is filled with conferences, obligations, and disciplinary meetings for Assistant Principal Sarah Willis. When a student is sent to her office, a confrontation with his father, the new fire marshal in Granite Pointe, doesn’t extinguish her instant attraction to the man.

When his son gets into trouble at school, Cris Bayfield discovers he’s hot for teacher. His interest in Sarah goes beyond parent-teacher conferences, but her artistic side and his past history could spell doom for any potential relationship.

When the theatrical director for the high school play resigns unexpectedly, Sarah has to step in as the understudy, throwing her in Cris’s path on a regular basis. As they spend more and more time together, her resolve to not get involved with a parent goes up in flames.

Click on the cover to learn more.

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