Setbacks and Forward Thinking – A.S. Fenichel

Hey there, it’s Andie here. I’m going to get a bit personal here, so you’ll have to forgive me. It’s Thanksgiving week and it’s always a tough one for me. My first husband, Jimmy became ill on Thanksgiving day and passed two weeks later. The funny thing is, thirteen years later, I don’t even think about it until I find myself tearing up for no particular reason. Then I look back and let the memory roll over me. As horrible as it was, it’s part of who I am now. Not that it defines me, but tragedies and joys mold our hearts and minds. So for a week out of the year, I can be a bit sad and retrospective.

I’m blessed to have remarried a wonderful man, Dave who understands and will cry along with me. He never knew Jimmy, but he accepts that Jimmy is part of our family and always will be. From year to year I don’t remember being sad at Thanksgiving, but Dave tells me, I always am and gives me that, “it will all be okay look.” He’s right, of course. It will be okay. It is okay. Life is good and on Thursday we will go to a big party with eating and drinking and people who are a complete distraction from any possible sadness. We live far from family, but our neighbors have adopted us and they are a hoot to party with.

On a professional level, my setbacks in 2015 were a slow moving story that still isn’t finished and a rejection from the publisher for the completion of a series I really love. We’ll just have to see what happens with that one.

Revving Up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel

I have a holiday book that I’m happy to have the rights back to and will rerelease this week. I think you’re really going to love Revving Up The



Looking forward to 2016 I have some wonderful projects ahead. Besides finishing the slow mover, I have a three book contract for a historical series. Tainted Bride is the first of the Forever Brides series and will hit the shelves in September. The rights to my early work are still trickling back to me and I’ll keep self-publishing those titles. I hope to work a few other miracles and write a brand new paranormal series, but that one’s a secret, so you’ll just have to wait.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the people around you whether family by blood or the family you’ve collected along the way. They are all precious.



2 thoughts on “Setbacks and Forward Thinking – A.S. Fenichel

  1. A lovely post, Andrea. Many extra hugs being sent your way this time of year. We, too, lost a dear family member a few years back just after Thanksgiving, and it certainly comes to the surface amid the festivities as you feel that small void where once they stood. But I love your outlook, that our past helps mold who we are today, and will hold tight to that thought for comfort. Wishing you a successful re-release and kickass 2016!


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