Greetings everyone! Today we’re going to do something a little different. The chicks and I are starting a new game and we’d love to have you play along!


There are so many universal things about being a mom. I know these are going to resonate with a lot of you. On the helpful side, my mom always said “This too shall pass.” I can’t tell you how often I’ve found comfort in those words. On a more humorous note, here’s something I say to my 14yr old boy almost daily: “You can repeat that as often as you want, it’s not going to make it true.”

Oh, and because we’re feeling the love, we’re giving away 2 $5 Amazon gift cards and some ebooks. I think Kristi even has an audio book in the mix. We’ll select and announce the winners from the comments Monday November 23rd.

So how about it? What are some things your mom says?


Sabine red

12 thoughts on “#ThingsMyMomSaid

  1. #Thingsmymomsaid
    i was a naughty child. . When I got out of line in public my mom used to grab me by the arm and say, “Do I have to take you home and beat you?”
    Worked like a champ.
    For the record: I cannot recall a single incident where my mom laid a hand on me other than to grab my arm.

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  2. You know how kids have a habit of including “MOM” in every sentence they say to you?
    Well, one day in line at the grocery store I must’ve been driving my mom absolutely nuts because she turned around and told me “I’m going to change my name from ‘Mom’ and not tell you what the new one is.”
    I fell silent, so afraid I’d never be able to get her attention again. lol

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  3. #thingsmymomsaid My mom used to say “Things always looks better after a good night’s sleep.” Dang it! She was right, and I use that one on my kids. She also used to fix me with a stare and say “Go ahead, do it again, and see what happens.” I never found out what happened, that stare was enough.

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