Honorary Chick…Carol Hanlon

CIMG0880It is my absolute pleasure to introduce this week’s Honorary KickAss Chick, Carol Hanlon. Carol and I first connected after she read and reviewed my book SOULFIRE. Later she told me she was scrolling through Goodreads and saw SOULFIRE’s cover, saying “it didn’t just call to me, it yelled at me!” (Yay for wonderful covers!)

Now, as an author, it’s not normal practice or advisable to respond to every reviewer. But her review told me she got every single thing I intended for the characters and their love story. It was so eloquent and wonderful and even beautifully enhanced with pictures representing the story that I couldn’t NOT reach out to her. Something, fate perhaps, nudged me to tell her how grateful I was. So I did. Long story short, we’re now very good friends. She is my #1 reviewer on every book I write. You should SEE the latest one. Blew me away.

But what is so impressive about Carol is her deep passion for books and the way she shows it to the world through ALL of her reviews. She takes such great care with each and every one. She is the #13 top reviewer for Goodreads this week, and she always seems to be up there in the top somewhere. Do you know how many reviewers there are on Goodreads? That’s impressive! She is generous of her time and certainly with her spirit, and I thank the book gods that she stumbled across my cover once upon a time. She’s a joy to know, and one of those people who makes me grateful for being a part of the “book community.” I’ll stop blabbering now and let you hear from Carol. Here she is…

What are the top three things you look for when you’re deciding which book you should read next?

  1. The cover of a book is the first thing that catches my attention.  Sometimes they even call to me.  Ha ha  “Read me, Read me”  
  2. Next I would read the Synopsis.  
  3. And finally I would look at other reviews.  

Can you give us an estimate of how many books you read each year? Good question, I had to look up my stats on Goodreads.  It’s the beginning of November and I’ve already read 225 books so we’ll see how many more I fit in before the end of the year.  I’m getting ready for Christmas books so I hope to squeeze in as many of those as I can.

Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Favorite Things: Reading of course.  My family.  The beach.
  • Pet Peeves: Waiting in line or being on hold.  I have no patience.
  • Addictions: Goodreads. Again, Reading.  Chocolate. Sexy cowboys. And my most unhealthy addiction is Pepsi.  I know it’s unhealthy and I do limit myself but I’ve loved Pepsi since I was young.  (Which was a long time ago!)
  • Kick Ass Superpower: I’m not sure how to answer this.  I am kind of wimpy so I wish I was stronger.  I love reading about strong kick a@# women possibly because I wish I could be like that.  
  • Your best book boyfriend:  Oh my gosh, I have so freaking many book boyfriends.  How can I choose?  Instead of answering this the way it was asked, I’ll just say that I love the strong alpha male that is soft for the woman he loves.  I love shifters, particularly dragon shifters, oh and fallen angels.    
  • For the night:  Logan from Dannika Dark’s Mageri series
  • For a dirty weekend: Julian from Jennifer Armentrout’s Unchained
  • To have and to hold: Ozzie from Elle Casey’s Wrong Number Right Guy (He’s actually human!  Ha ha  These are all very sigh worthy men that have stuck in my very much overloaded brain.)

Reading is such a big part of my life. I have always read. The books I read make my life bigger, brighter, and more amazing. Thank you so much to the authors of The Kick Ass Chicks and so many others for giving me that.

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11 thoughts on “Honorary Chick…Carol Hanlon

  1. 225 books? Wow! I didn’t read that much even before I started writing. Actually, I think I read more now, and 90 is about my limit in a year. I’ve also had covers calling me. Hard to resist those, huh?

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  2. Hi Carol! I am also a HUGE fan of Juliette’s covers and Morgon men (and remind her of that often). 😉 And 225 books…wow, I’m blown away. That you read so much AND offer thoughtful reviews is amazing. I’ve seen a number of reviewers on there recently that seem like they’re in a race against time and hurrying thru books and leaving harsh reviews. Seems like that would take the joy out of reading, and isn’t that what it’s all about? So glad you and Juliette found each other, and thanks for being our honorary chick today!

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