Deception Point by Dan Brown – Gemma’s Choice for Books Kicking Ass

Right after Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code came out, I got the bug to read anything of his I could lay my hands on. Angels and Demons was next on my list. But then getting ready for an overseas move forced me to put aside reading for a time. Fortunately (or maybe not so fortunately) I found I had lots of extra time once I got settled in my new home. And there was an amazing Virgin Music Superstore in Oxford Circle. There I rediscovered Dan Brown and picked up 2 new reads, Digital Fortress and Deception Point. The coolest thing about Brown’s books is that the action occurs in 24 hours from start to finish.

2015-10-25 16.57.31

Deception Point follows Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland on a breakneck journey to the arctic to follow up on the possibility that alien beings once existed on Earth. There is a scene in about the middle of the book where our two MCs are on the Milne Glacier and tumbling down the ice shelf toward the deadly cold sea. Brown did such an excellent job describing their precipitous flight I think I might have ended up as bruised and battered as the characters on the page.

I loved this book and, even though it isn’t a romance, I would highly recommend it to anybody who loves to read fast paced action and adventure stories.

You can find a copy of the book on Amazon

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