Fun Guy Friday – Fun with Grammar

I saw these amazing skits about grammar and making fun of them and I just know I had to share. The videos are long and worth watching. I’m a big fan of overseas skits. So take a peek and prepare to kick you weekend off with a laugh.

Have a fun Friday and we’ll see you next week.

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Deception Point by Dan Brown – Gemma’s Choice for Books Kicking Ass

Right after Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code came out, I got the bug to read anything of his I could lay my hands on. Angels and Demons was next on my list. But then getting ready for an overseas move forced me to put aside reading for a time. Fortunately (or maybe not so fortunately) I found I had lots of extra time once I got settled in my new home. And there was an amazing Virgin Music Superstore in Oxford Circle. There I rediscovered Dan Brown and picked up 2 new reads, Digital Fortress and Deception Point. The coolest thing about Brown’s books is that the action occurs in 24 hours from start to finish.

2015-10-25 16.57.31

Deception Point follows Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland on a breakneck journey to the arctic to follow up on the possibility that alien beings once existed on Earth. There is a scene in about the middle of the book where our two MCs are on the Milne Glacier and tumbling down the ice shelf toward the deadly cold sea. Brown did such an excellent job describing their precipitous flight I think I might have ended up as bruised and battered as the characters on the page.

I loved this book and, even though it isn’t a romance, I would highly recommend it to anybody who loves to read fast paced action and adventure stories.

You can find a copy of the book on Amazon

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Fun Guy Friday with Halloween Costume Creator Mark Rober

Mark Rober 3Happy Friday, all! This amazing guy, Mark Rober, left NASA to start his own high-tech costume design business. Check out his YouTube video below. Amazing and hilarious!


Also, if you want to read a little more about him, check out this article: Mark Rober Left NASA to Make Awesome Wearable Tech Halloween Costumes. Love to see creativity at work, but I think NASA might’ve lost a good one here. Lol!

Mark Rober 1

Have a great weekend!

Story Time with Juliette Cross

3D Waking the DragonWelcome back to “First Meets” story time with the KickAss Chicks. I’m wrapping up this vlog series with a brief reading from my urban fantasy romance WAKING THE DRAGON. In this excerpt, my heroine Moira Cade meets the Iceman himself, Kol Moonring. As Captain of the Morgon Guard, he’s not especially happy about being assigned as her bodyguard, while she investigates three horrific murders. Hope you enjoy this little peek into the dark and gritty Morgon world.

Thanks for checking out our last of the Story Time vlogs. And don’t forget to come to the KICKASS CHICKS FACEBOOK PARTY this Thursday, October 22nd. See you there!

Honorary Chick: Gabrielle Battistel

Honorary Chick: Gabrielle Battistel

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s my turn to highlight an individual I feel is deserved of “Honorary Chick” status, and today’s guest is someone I’ve had on my “to be nominated” list since we began:  Gabrielle Battistel.

TRM_PICFor those of you who have been around the blog block a time or two, you may recognize Gabrielle as the author behind the GabbaWrites blog (formerly on blogspot, now on WordPress and Facebook). She’s attended online writing classes with me, had her writing featured in a wonderful Australian anthology, and even started her own absolutely amazing, author-centric video production company named Trailermade Production. (FYI–if you see something animated on my website, it came from TMP.)

Today’s feature, though, isn’t a sales pitch for her company or its services. Rather, it’s a spotlight being shined on one fantastically amazing and supportive individual who has come alongside countless authors to offer her unfailing encouragement, guidance, wit and charm. Writing can be a very lonely process, and as such many writers I’ve chatted with struggle from time to time with worry, anxiety, doubt, and even envy. But when you have individuals like Gabba in your corner, always there smiling and encouraging you to keep on keeping on, well they’re the ones who make authors love what we do…and convince us to continue onward even when the words don’t seem to want to come. P AT THE KA CHICKS FB PARTYAnd of course her P-Boi panda has graced many a screen on the Book of Face, and those of us who are “Doin’ it Posse Style” always look forward to seeing where P might pop up next.

So in honor of her tireless cheerleading, her forward thinking and her totally kickass accent, may I present to you my lovely and talented dear friend from halfway across the globe: Gabrielle Battistel.

So…tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an organically inspired, pragmatically steered type who has one foot squarely rooted to the ground with the other on the ascent. I’m interesting, engaging, boring and persnickety, cheeky, funny, serious, dry and (people say) fun to be around…. Wit, earth-like intuitive, weirdo and wisdom are also the descriptive bandied around of my presence.

I am the founder, chief creative and manager of a boutique style–full service Audio Visual Production Company that focuses on the publishing sector. I’m also trying to be a writer … needs must.

I have two dogs, a husband and a life surrounded by gum trees in Australia.

What inspired you to launch TMP, and what do you enjoy most about it?

trm ka billboardThe marriage of two loves launched Trailermade. Writing and Audio Visual/Filmmaking brought something I know and love together. Saw a gap, went and filled it (thanks to great clients). It’s a great space to be in since the creative and technical process, the writers themselves and the stories they tell leave me at times questioning my day to day… vis a vis:  “Is this legal to enjoy myself this much?” #lovewhatido

What are the top three things you would encourage authors to avoid when creating/commissioning a book trailer?

When it comes to both creating and commissioning trailers:

  1. Avoid Trite…. Please… avoid the trite. There are a lot of books out there and things can get confusing. Know what you think (for absolute certain) and think about what you know. Ask yourself: Is what you’re seeing – really what is to be seen?
  2. Know your brand. Both your Author and book brand (like the back of your hand).
  3. Do your best to be professional to your author ethic/presence, to others you have commissioned and to the broader world within your “corporate identity.” Reaching out into a very competitive world can be daunting but it is possible to be remembered for the right reason.

Now for some fun–here comes the Rapid Fire Questions…

Favorite Things: My mutty dogs (though technically they are people not things). Also, only suddenly realizing that it has been two hours since I picked up a book (thinking that the vacuuming should have been done couple of hours ago). Yeah totes sorry about that… am on my way!!!!

Pet Peeves: Inconsiderate people who do so on purpose.

Addictions:  Potato chips… and when the groove is on… making trailers and good books. Good conversation will keep me up all night too.

Kick Ass Superpower: Making Trailers that give people goosebumps (and make people go and buy books – it happens)

Your best book boyfriend…

  • For the night: Detective Lincoln Drummond. (Pieces Of A Lie, by Rowena Holloway) complex, interesting, passionate. He reminds me of those cordoned off places in castles and manor houses…curiosity levels at an all time high but they’re cordoned off for a reason.
  • For a dirty weekend: Now don’t take this the wrong way (no bias intended I’m sorry….) Nate Steele…(Armed With Steele by Kyra Jacobs). He’s a dog lover, is honourable to a damsel in distress (of her own making) and is Indiana enough for a good time!!!!
  • To have and to hold: Mr Darcy (hey that’s a really tough call though… the real life “have and to hold” is actually in my bed!!!!!)
Many thanks to you and the KA crew for having me!!!
And thank you for being exactly who you are and for all you do, Gabrielle. Best wishes in all of your endeavors!


For a little extra fun (and not just because she listed my Nate as a book boyfriend, I promise), I’m including a link to one of our recent skype chats where I try to explain just what panda P-Boi and Posse Style means to me…  And I will warn you: with the 15 hour time difference between us, I may have been a bit tired/giggly by this point in our conversation. But the comments were heartfelt, and the images perfect for sharing a glimpse into the world of GabbaWrites. Have a great weekend, everyone, and be sure to say hello to Gabrielle while you’re here!