Dropping the ball and landing on Vines.

Hello Everyone! So, yesterday I was all freaking out because today was my turn for Fun Guy Friday and a got nothing! So you know what I did about it? Can you guess?

you blew it

Totally,  Dropped Ball Again.

And that was it. Brain freeze. Seriously. All the google-verse at my disposal and I’m in total analysis-paralysis. I get this way when I’m trying to research hotels to stay at when we travel too. So, what did I do, you might ask? I went where I’ve never been before. The Vine. My teens LOVE this stuff. Seconds of snippets. I’m torn. I want more. Longer. Deeper… EeHem. Sorry, my mind wandered there. I was NOT thinking of this guy from a FaceBook party last night. Mals Butt  Ok, I was. I’m a total FireFly fan.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, Vines. Here’s some of my teens favorites.


This guy is amazing… Jamie Costa on Vines.

I may be warming to these things… Thomas Sanders.

They do all kinds of things here. VMA Recap (makes me wish I didn’t miss it) and a boat load of other stuff. You can check it out yourself here. Vines.

I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear what you think of Vines in general. I’m off for some deserved self-flogging.


Happy Friday!

Sabine red



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