Honorary Chick Interview with Empress DJ!!!

Hello everyone, A.S. Fenichel here to welcome our Honorary Chick. Give a big welcome to the awesome Empress DJ. She stopped by on Chick Confidential and we’re happy to have her here answering the “tough” questions.


Empress DJEmpress DJ, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello and Aloha – I am Empress DJ – cougar, wine drinker, and book blogger at Books and Bindings. I am also Honolulubelle on Amazon and Twitter, DJ Sakata on Goodreads, and DeeJay Sakata on Facebook – hmm, seems I am never at a loss for an alter personality…

I am an avid reader, crazy old cat lady, recreational swimmer, Hawaii resident, and relatively new blogger.  I started off as a guest reviewer in 2013 after discovering the vast world of book blogs, Goodreads, and gasp – Facebook!  I have been married to the same sweet little man for over 30 years without killing or maiming him, which is a major accomplishment for us both. I love to read, but am a bit picky about what I chose to spend my free time with.  My husband calls me a smut reader… umm, yeah… busted. But when asked, I will officially state that I like women’s fiction, spicy romances, cozy mysteries, some romantic suspense, literary fiction, and some paranormal… but I am not really a fan of horror or zombies.  Zombies are just so tiresome… they are horrible conversationalists and only seem to want me for my brains.


So true! Selfish, zombies.

What are the top three things you look for in a good book?

  1. I read to be entertained, not antagonized. I like feisty gals and smart and caring men who will adore them.
  2. I crave an HEA or happy for now ending. I pondered this recently and concluded that I need closure so I can move on to the next book on my TBR.
  3. I like the sizzle and steam, but prefer it to be part of a relationship/love story. I will quickly pounce on a book if labeled erotic romance – but don’t find pure erotica very interesting.


Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:


Favorite Things:

1) Sensitive and attentive leading males that are careful and considerate with their women. They can be nerds, MC bikers, businessmen, cowboys, blue-collar, billionaires, whatever

2) Smart and insightful writing with witty banter

3) A dual POV, or more

4) Stumbling onto an extremely talented first time author

Pet Peeves:

1) Cliffhangers – I despise them more than screaming babies on an airplane.

2) Sex slave stories – I am not judging the women who are actually consenting to an extreme BDSM lifestyle – IF they WANT to do that – but I don’t find abuse, humiliation, or pain interesting – at all.

3) Constant conflict and unrelenting angst – I like balance, if the plot contains more than 50% angst, I find it tedious and tiresome.

Addictions: Moscato, string cheese, my kindle, Amazon freebies, the internet. I have more books on my cloud that I will ever be able to read in my lifetime, yet I am constantly trolling for more.

Kick Ass Superpower: Swearing, and snark – I am quite creative with expletives.


Your best book boyfriend: I am a major ho when it comes to BBFs. Right now it would be Jax from Theresa Sederholt’s The Unraveled Trilogy – swoon!

For the night: Griff by Nina Levine’s Illusive

For a dirty weekend: Mr. Black from the Sweet Temptation of Whiskey by Charlene M. Martin is extremely talented…

To have and to hold: Nathan Fraser from Over the Fence by Melanie Moreland is a keeper.


Empress DJ, Thanks for stopping by. The KickAss chicks are happy to make you an Honorary Chick!


You can find Empress DJ at Books and Bindings.





3 thoughts on “Honorary Chick Interview with Empress DJ!!!

  1. Nice to see you here today, Empress DJ. I love that you’r so equal opportunity about your favorite leading men. 😉 Thanks for taking part as our honorary chick.


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