Honorary Chick Cora of Cora Graphics

Hey all, Sabine here, back on deck!

Today I bring you the fabulous Cora from Cora Graphics. Her covers come to life and bring books a wonderful new dimension. Cora did the cover for my Rebellion (below) and I adore it, so I had to give her a shout out. Cora is Italian and I love to think of her traveling around my favorite Italian haunts. Venice anyone?


Welcome Cora! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello everyone! I’m a simple person with a passion for books, dogs and art. I live in the countryside with my husband and two dogs, and I do a job that I love because it allows me to express my creativity.

How did you get into cover design?

I was a Web designer, but I did not like it. I wanted to do cover art, so about 2011 I started to create some images, then I created a small website and waited.

Fortunately it worked!

What’s your pet peeve when it comes to covers you don’t like?

I’m not very good at realizing covers techniques, like manuals, or essays.

For me, the covers have to be full of detail and color.

What was one of your favorite design projects?

King of Ash and Bone

There are a many, but my favorite is “King of Ash and Bone” of Melissa Wright.

Melissa was very precise in the description of the characters.

I created two characters, taking body parts from many images. It’s been a long job, but very creative.

(I had to go and see this baby. Nice! Very nice!)

Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Things: Books, walks with my dogs Theo and Olga
Pet Peeves: Dog
Addictions: Books, Milk, Pizza

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Tobias Heaton “Four”
  • For a dirty weekend: Jericho Z. Barrons
  • To have and to hold: Edward Cullen

Please tell everyone how to find you online.

Twitter: @CoraGraphics

Website: http://www.coragraphics.it/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cora.graphics

Mail: info@coragraphics.it

Thanks, Cora, for being brave and coming to play with the crazy KickAss Chicks! 

Sabine red

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