A.S. Fenichel reads from Deception!

Happy blog day! Yup, It’s my turn to read to you, so pull up a chair and let me know what you think. I’m reading from Deception, Book 2 of the Demon Hunter series. Dorian and Lillian know about each other and have perhaps been in each other’s company a time or two over the years, but this is the first time they meet. Lilly is on a personal mission and Dorian has been assigned to follow her. Not the best way to meet, but….





Diamond Legacy by Monica McCabe

Diamond Legacy I just found Ms. McCabe and throughly enjoyed her book. The characters drew me in and held me till the end. I just had to love our heroin. She’s basically a dentist for endangered species and she’s got guts. And passion. She loves what she does and it shows.

Our hero is flawed, as all good heros should be and the two are a fantastic mix.

I loved the setting and the glimpses into the lives of African tribal society and the workings of a wildlife preserve.

Blood diamonds are real and the book did a nice job of peeling back the curtain and giving a glimpse of the smuggling trade.

You can check it out here. Amazon.


Africa-where diamonds are the currency of the weapons trade, and trust is the only option between two strangers…

Miranda Parrish is a world-renowned veterinarian specialist with expertise in endangered species. She’s fearless and will go anywhere an animal is in need. But when she journeys to Katanga, an animal sanctuary in the heart of Botswana, she lands in the middle of a blood diamond smuggling operation. And there’s only one man who can help her.
Special agent, Matt Bennett’s parents were murdered by a ruthless arms dealer when he was fourteen. He’s devoted his life to avenging their deaths and ending the cycle of violence threatening southern Africa. Undercover at Katanga, he clashes with Miranda. He’s never met a woman so stubborn, who’ll let nothing stand in the way of what she believes in. But he’ll let no one come between him and the vengeance he craves.
Matt and Miranda must learn to work together if they want to save Katanga, and both of their lives, before it’s too late.

Fun Girl Friday

I’m changing it up this week. Why? Because I can.

I saw this video and I literally laughed at how many times I have seen women do this. Hell, I’ve done it a time or two, though not at the supermarket or Walmart. This girl is hysterical and deserves to be on KickAss Chicks for FGF!



I used to put my phone in my bra, but I even stopped doing that since someone said it causes breast cancer. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but why chance it. I will tuck a credit card in there if my purse is not handy and I need to stow the card.

What about you? Do you have a secret stash in your underwear? You can talk about it here. We’re all friends and while we will laugh at you, your secrets are safe with the Chicks. 😉


Laughter is the best medicine. I hope you got your dose today.


You don’t need a chair- Kristi reads hers quickly.

Hey all~

It’s my turn to get my read on and I chose my short story SECOND CHANCES. I picked first encounter between Lorelei and Cole- who have a long and deep history- because Lorelei is so snarky and I love her. I hope you enjoy or feel free to make fun of me in the comments. I can take it 🙂



Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget the the Chicks are having their first Facebook part October 22. Of course you’re invited. Bring your friends. We’ll bring the good time, games and prizes.

Coe back again next week and check out A.S. Fenichel when she reads hers. I wonder if it’ll have some heat (raises eyebrows).

Until then- Be cool y’all 🙂


Books Kicking Ass- Code of Conduct by Brad Thor

What’s more kickass than a former Navy SEAL tasked with saving the world?

Sometimes I like to step away from romance or at least let the romance be the secondary star in the book. Sometimes I want to have my heart ripped out and tread upon (My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult) or sometimes I want to be afraid to turn off the lights (Irene Kelly Series by Jan Burke). This week I wanted action. LOTS OF ACTION. I wanted to hang onto the edge of my seat with the tips of my fingers and left wondering what was going to happen next. I wanted to feel the sweaty nervousness of anticipation as Scot Havarth (our hero) tried to stop a madman’s plan of genocide.

Brad Thor delivered that in his latest book CODE OF CONDUCT. I love Brad’s books. If you like an action packed thriller and counterterrorism then these are just right!



Dropping the ball and landing on Vines.

Hello Everyone! So, yesterday I was all freaking out because today was my turn for Fun Guy Friday and a got nothing! So you know what I did about it? Can you guess?

you blew it

Totally,  Dropped Ball Again.

And that was it. Brain freeze. Seriously. All the google-verse at my disposal and I’m in total analysis-paralysis. I get this way when I’m trying to research hotels to stay at when we travel too. So, what did I do, you might ask? I went where I’ve never been before. The Vine. My teens LOVE this stuff. Seconds of snippets. I’m torn. I want more. Longer. Deeper… EeHem. Sorry, my mind wandered there. I was NOT thinking of this guy from a FaceBook party last night. Mals Butt  Ok, I was. I’m a total FireFly fan.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, Vines. Here’s some of my teens favorites.


This guy is amazing… Jamie Costa on Vines.

I may be warming to these things… Thomas Sanders.

They do all kinds of things here. VMA Recap (makes me wish I didn’t miss it) and a boat load of other stuff. You can check it out yourself here. Vines.

I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear what you think of Vines in general. I’m off for some deserved self-flogging.


Happy Friday!

Sabine red



Honorary Chick Interview with Empress DJ!!!

Hello everyone, A.S. Fenichel here to welcome our Honorary Chick. Give a big welcome to the awesome Empress DJ. She stopped by on Chick Confidential and we’re happy to have her here answering the “tough” questions.


Empress DJEmpress DJ, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello and Aloha – I am Empress DJ – cougar, wine drinker, and book blogger at Books and Bindings. I am also Honolulubelle on Amazon and Twitter, DJ Sakata on Goodreads, and DeeJay Sakata on Facebook – hmm, seems I am never at a loss for an alter personality…

I am an avid reader, crazy old cat lady, recreational swimmer, Hawaii resident, and relatively new blogger.  I started off as a guest reviewer in 2013 after discovering the vast world of book blogs, Goodreads, and gasp – Facebook!  I have been married to the same sweet little man for over 30 years without killing or maiming him, which is a major accomplishment for us both. I love to read, but am a bit picky about what I chose to spend my free time with.  My husband calls me a smut reader… umm, yeah… busted. But when asked, I will officially state that I like women’s fiction, spicy romances, cozy mysteries, some romantic suspense, literary fiction, and some paranormal… but I am not really a fan of horror or zombies.  Zombies are just so tiresome… they are horrible conversationalists and only seem to want me for my brains.


So true! Selfish, zombies.

What are the top three things you look for in a good book?

  1. I read to be entertained, not antagonized. I like feisty gals and smart and caring men who will adore them.
  2. I crave an HEA or happy for now ending. I pondered this recently and concluded that I need closure so I can move on to the next book on my TBR.
  3. I like the sizzle and steam, but prefer it to be part of a relationship/love story. I will quickly pounce on a book if labeled erotic romance – but don’t find pure erotica very interesting.


Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:


Favorite Things:

1) Sensitive and attentive leading males that are careful and considerate with their women. They can be nerds, MC bikers, businessmen, cowboys, blue-collar, billionaires, whatever

2) Smart and insightful writing with witty banter

3) A dual POV, or more

4) Stumbling onto an extremely talented first time author

Pet Peeves:

1) Cliffhangers – I despise them more than screaming babies on an airplane.

2) Sex slave stories – I am not judging the women who are actually consenting to an extreme BDSM lifestyle – IF they WANT to do that – but I don’t find abuse, humiliation, or pain interesting – at all.

3) Constant conflict and unrelenting angst – I like balance, if the plot contains more than 50% angst, I find it tedious and tiresome.

Addictions: Moscato, string cheese, my kindle, Amazon freebies, the internet. I have more books on my cloud that I will ever be able to read in my lifetime, yet I am constantly trolling for more.

Kick Ass Superpower: Swearing, and snark – I am quite creative with expletives.


Your best book boyfriend: I am a major ho when it comes to BBFs. Right now it would be Jax from Theresa Sederholt’s The Unraveled Trilogy – swoon!

For the night: Griff by Nina Levine’s Illusive

For a dirty weekend: Mr. Black from the Sweet Temptation of Whiskey by Charlene M. Martin is extremely talented…

To have and to hold: Nathan Fraser from Over the Fence by Melanie Moreland is a keeper.


Empress DJ, Thanks for stopping by. The KickAss chicks are happy to make you an Honorary Chick!


You can find Empress DJ at Books and Bindings.