Tips from the Chicks–The Low Carb Lifestyle

First things first, confession time. Last year felt like the busiest year of my life. On top of doing the regular mom duties for four kids, my oldest son was a senior and on the football team. I swear, every time I turned around, I was tending to some “senior” duty. I also have a full-time job and I write part-time in between. Last year was my biggest year as an author as I was writing one book and editing another from last June till this past May. Who needs sleep, right? (I only cried five or six times.) So it’s not ALL my fault that I gained ten pounds last year after already being at least fifteen pounds overweight to begin with.

June rolls along. My son had graduated, the kids were out for summer, and I’d completed all the books under contract. We went on family vacation to the beach, I breathed a sigh of relief, then I looked in the mirror and was like, Eww. Who is that? Post-40 hormones weren’t helping me any either. So I had a conversation with a life-long friend of mine who is a sage on all things food. Rachel even has this terrific blog on gluten-free and low carb recipes and tips, Until the Thin Lady Sings. (She’s also an opera singer and is freaking amazing. Look her up, seriously.) Rachel says, “The most effective way to lose weight is to lower your insulin levels and stabilize your blood sugar. By avoiding all sugar and starchy foods, and increasing good fats with a low carb high fat diet, you increase your fat burning and feel more satisfied.” So together, we went low carb, sharing our daily ups and downs and guess what? It’s working. For both of us.

I say Low Carb Lifestyle not Diet, because most of the time diet alludes to that thing you do to lose weight then return to your unhealthy habits and gain all the weight back. I’ve adopted this “lifestyle” as a main way to live. I’ve lost ten pounds and two dress sizes since mid-June. And more than that, I feel terrific! That has a lot to do with the fact that when you’re eating low carb, you tend to to cook more fresh foods. Almost everything that comes in a box is HIGH in carbs. Trust me. Go take a look in your pantry. So today, I’m going to share with you my amateur attempt at a cooking video on how to make one of my favorite recipes I created out of necessity when the rest of the family was gorging on pizza. I’ve videoed this easy and delicious recipe for Portabella Pizzas. Link below.

If you watched the video, you’ll have heard me mention the foods you can’t eat on a low carb lifestyle–bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. But there are wonderful rich foods you can indulge in on a low carb diet like bacon, cheese, avocado, olives, peanut butter, steak, chicken, sausage (okay, all meat–YAY). Also, red wines tend to be low in carbs, but be careful because if you have more than one glass, it’ll be a lot easier to convince yourself to eat the leftover mac-n-cheese in the fridge. All I do when I’m unsure is Google the name brand of the wine along with “nutrition facts” and you can see how many carbs, but a glass of red tends to run from 0-3 grams a glass.

You might ask, are you exercising, Juliette? Nope. All of my “free” time is devoted to writing and blogging for the book world (like now). I need this time for my sanity. If I did exercise, I’d probably lose weight faster. So go for it, if you can!

Now I’ll leave you with one more thought. Am I going to refrain from eating bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes for the rest of my life? Hell no! When I reach my ideal weight/size, I’ll maintain by adding smaller portions of carbs into my regular diet. I’m currently at a standstill at ten pounds lost, but I’ve also cheated several times in the past two weeks. And I don’t feel bad about that at all. I needed to indulge a little. I just started fresh this week with my goal to get down two more dress sizes. Here’s the thing. I was addicted to carbs. I probably ate a bazillion grams a day before I changed to eating low carb. Once I’d kicked those insane cravings during that first week, my body adjusted and now I feel fantastic. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. 😉

8 thoughts on “Tips from the Chicks–The Low Carb Lifestyle

  1. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats for you!!! Been there, done that (except for the writing part)! Something about your 40’s just makes it that much more difficult to loose weight!!! Keep it up!! You’re looking great!!

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  2. You are so right Juliette! Now that I’m even ten years over forty, it’s even harder to not let the pounds creep up. Esp. writing all day–even with reminders to get up and more more. But I do find that staying away from the bread and pasta, enjoying my meal-based proteins, and wonderful fats like olives and cheeses, fruits and vegetables and nuts is really even a more satisfying way to eat. I’m never as hungry and feel less puffy. Every time I do this, I lose some weight and my cholesterol even goes down *and yes, I eat eggs daily and bacon!* People are so afraid of these foods, which is silly. I honestly think it the other things that make our health worse. My problem is the times I let it slip, like vacation, and getting back on track. But your post reminds me the time for excuses should end. So back to no white flour, a healthier way to eat.

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    • Oh, Sharon. I’m right there with you. And what a great description, I feel less “hungry and puffy,” too. It’s so nice to not feel like I’m starving to death all the time, which I know was my carb addiction. And I’m the same, my body just feels better. Bacon and eggs every day! That’s the way to go. Because I’m usually in a rush, I tend to boil eggs in the morning, put two in a zip lock with some salt and pepper, then I’m good to go. But I love big omelets on the weekend with bacon, cheese, onions, mushrooms. Okay. Now I want an omelet. Lol.

      Thanks for sharing, Sharon!


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