The Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

NS1 Where do I begin with these books? First, I love this woman’s voice. She manages to give just enough detail that you think you know everything about the world, but if you go back and look, she’s actually let you fill in the blanks. Brilliant.

Hot and sexy shifters. Check.

Hierarchical clans and alpha males. Check.

An entire people with Psy conditioned to repress all emotion (‘cuz we all know how well that’s going to work out.) Check.

A psy net that ties the psy together. Check that.

Bonding psy-mates. Check, check, check!

I must confess to binging on these books all summer long. I’m not a fast reader and we traveled like crazy people this year so I’ve only read the first three, but I loved everyone. I also got to take a selfie with Nalini at RWA and she signed Slave to Sensation! I was the first person in that line (okay, I kind of ambushed her, but she was going to sign books anyway. Really.)  I’d post my selfie, but I kid you not when I say I look like a crazed fan. I don’t want to scare her away. Her talk was delightful (loved what she did with that train thing. *snicker*) and you can just tell that woman has a big heart.

NS3 Nalini isn’t afraid to go deep and dark. With each new set of main characters she delves into the phych and pulls you in with her.

There’s another reason I think I love these book. Psy mates bonding. I love that trope. I write that trope in my Alien Attachments series. Ok, so I spell it psi but the undeniable bond and telepathic communication are there. As is telekinesis and other powers that go along with it.

Psy, psi, sigh. It’s all good right? If you love it like I do, dig in!

Oh, and she has another series going. Hot dudes with wings. I’ve got one of those coming as well but my dudes aren’t’ angles and there are no feathers. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll rethink the feather thing. I’ll save the other series for another post.

I highly recommend these kickass books. And Nalini, I hope you’ll let me buy you a drink someday and toast to your success. Keep on writing, chick!

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