Honorary Chick – The Fussy Librarian

FussyLibrarian logoThis month it’s a great privilege to present our first Honorary KickAss Dude- Jeffrey Bruner. You may know him as THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN.

Jeffrey’s visually friendly and artfully crafted site is not just geared to readers who are looking for fabulous books at a great price. Just click on the FOR AUTHORS tab and check out how easy he makes it to promote on his site. In addition to advertising, Jeffrey goes ones step further to help writers. As an author himself, his newsletter provides current publishing information, helpful tips, and creative ideas for authors trying to navigate the ever changing waters of this industry. It’s my go to source for a condensed, to the point, fact filled synopsis of what’s going down.

It’s clear why Jeffrey and Fussy, the Librarian, are so KickAss. They constantly work to bring readers and authors together and empower them both.


Readers- If you like to find out about book sales, enjoy loading up your eReader without breaking the bank, and prefer to get email’s geared toward your preferences- Fussy Librarian is for you.

Authors- Looking for a well received, organized site to market your books? The Fussy Librarian makes it pain free and quick. But you have to plan ahead because many of the categories schedule out quickly. Sign up for the newsletter. You won’t regret it.

So without further ado. I’d like to introduce you to Jeffrey Bruner and Fussy the Librarian. 🙂

Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and why. 

Thanks for inviting me to drop by — I’m honored!

My name is Jeffrey Bruner and two years ago I started a book marketing website called The Fussy Librarian. I was working in newspapers at the time and decided I needed a Plan B because the industry was crumbling and I had survived five rounds of layoffs. Sooner or later, my luck was going to run out.

I had written two novellas under the pen name Alex Adena, so I was familiar with ebooks and the challenges of marketing them. One day, I had one of those “I can do this” moments and decided to set up the business. For the first year, I kept my day job until last fall, when I resigned.

The Fussy Librarian now sends out 120,000 emails daily to subscribers, who can choose from 40 different genres. A lot of the revenue is reinvested in the website and upgrades and my first part-time employee joined about two months ago. We’re currently working on a new project to launch this fall that we hope will be a game-changer, so I hope you’ll visit soon if you haven’t tried us already.


Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick.

Favorite Things: Traveling with my wife, Stephanie. New Zealand and London are our two favorites. During the summer, I can often be found watching Pittsburgh Pirates baseball or taking our dogs (Harper and Freddie) for a walk.

Pet Peeves: Noise, especially small children on airplanes. (Shudders.)

Addictions: Video games, preferably with one of the dogs sleeping on the sofa next to me and a glass of wine in one hand.

Kick Ass Superpower: Definitely time travel, including the ability to stop time. That way I could always get everything done!

Your best book girlfriend

·    For the night: Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). If I lived to the next morning, I bet I would have great stories to tell.

·      For a dirty weekend: Stephanie Plum (One for the Money, etc.). A former lingerie saleswoman turned bounty hunter? Yep, that would make a for a fun weekend.

·      To have and to hold: Jo March (Little Women). She’s smart, a writer, and she’s got short hair. Plus she was played in the movie by Winona Ryder, who shares my birthday.


Thanks for coming by, Jeffrey. I can’t wait to see what Fussy has up her sleeve:-)

Check out THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN and make sure you pass the word along.




5 thoughts on “Honorary Chick – The Fussy Librarian

  1. Wow, Jeffrey. Love hearing how The Fussy Librarian got started. You’re totally kickass. Awesome rapid fire answers. Love Jo March. Well done, and thanks for visiting the KACs.


  2. Oh, gosh. You have some great girlfriends. Each one of them kickass in their own way. Thanks for being our first Honorary Dude.


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