Tips From The Chicks – Sabine Kicking it with Resin.

Hello everyone!

I’m up today with our Tips from the Chicks series. I have to confess, when it comes to helpful tips around the home I’m about as helpful as a jackhammer in swim lessons. I do, however, love to create things. I once turned my child’s bathroom into an underwater world with seaweed that reached the ceiling and dozens of different aquatic life. Stencils were the key. It was amazing and I never once took a picture of it.

*face palm* Learn from my mistake and make sure you take of picture of something you’re proud of. Oh, look. I just gave you a KickAss tip! Yay me!

Moving along. I’m sharing a new hobby today using found items on our local beaches and resin. Okay, so the camel, little people and tiny divers weren’t found on the beach. You’ll just have to cut me some artistic slack on that one.

Hope you enjoy the vid.

Here’s some still shots in case my amazing vlogging skills left you woozy.


IMG_5671 IMG_5669


Sabine red

5 thoughts on “Tips From The Chicks – Sabine Kicking it with Resin.

  1. Beautiful and you made good pix, too. now get them printed off and place in brag book for coffee table. If someone brings it up, thank them for complement or asking a question. Do not brag though a quote from . .Irene Dunn

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