What if you fly- Part 13 FINALE with guest author Kim Smith

what_if by Erin Hanson  Please welcome another guest author for the next installment of our serial story, What If You Fly? As always, if you want to read the entire story, it’s available on Wattpad. 


She heard his muttered curse.

“David,” she responded, trying to rise from the fog her brain had sunken into. “I’m not sure I’m—“

“—ready to hear this? Too late, Cupcake.” He lifted her in his arms. “You’re a part of it. Have been ever since Mazie and I got in town. I brought all this bad news with me. I’m sorry, Liv. But if you’ll work quickly to get over our past, maybe we can get on with a future. That is, if they let us live that long.”

She wriggled and made him put her down. The blood from the crumpled man’s form had begun to travel. “For crap’s sake, David, don’t let Mazie in here. She cannot see that.”

As if she had been conjured, Mazie walked out into the garage.

David turned and blocked the view. “Can I just say, you have impeccable timing, little girl?”

Mazie grinned up at him, a stuffed dog lolling over her arm. “I’m ready to go to Grammy’s, Daddy.”

He ushered her to the opposite side of the car and settled her into the back seat. Olivia gingerly stepped over the body and slid into the front passenger’s seat. David slid an S&W under his seat before turning the key in the ignition.

Olivia’s knees had turned into pudding and the sight of the gun had been the last straw. “Why do you have that? And what the, you-know-what, is going on?”

He grinned at her as he backed down the driveway. “Let’s just say that I got into some gambling debt after we parted company. The people I owe money to are after what I owe. They won’t stop with breaking my legs. I came to town to bring my child to the one person in the world who would take care of her while I try to fix this once and for all. They found me a lot sooner than I thought they would.”

“Me?” She was dumb-struck. Where was the child’s mother?

He read her mind. “Her mother is dead. You’re my last hope, Liv.”

“Does she know?”

“Yes, and no. I gave her the six year old’s version. It was tough on both of us, and then I had to plan…”

“And what is the plan, David? You’ve put both of us in danger now, and neither of us is prepared for anything.”

“You’re both going to Mazie’s maternal grandparent’s house. He’s a retired cop, and has connections to keep you safer than I can. His place is like an armored castle. Meanwhile, I’m going to disappear for a while.”

She gasped. “Again? You’re leaving me again?”

“Let’s get one thing straight, Liv. I intend, at the very least, to remain in contact via phone, although I hope for more. Bill, Mazie’s grandfather is working to get us into witness protection. I just have to pull the heat away from her…you…us. Once it all gets set up, we can have that life we talked about so many years ago. Mazie trusts you. We just have to trust one another, right?” He glanced over at her. “Please, Olivia. There is no one else I trust not to turn me in.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Liv answered. “Part of me wants you to stop this car and let me out. Let me out of this whole stinking business. Part of me wants to beat the snot out of you for waltzing in here and ruining my life. AGAIN. I mean, that was a real man, with a real bullet—you know.” She glanced over her shoulder at Mazie. The child was sleeping. “I used to think I knew what was what with you. Now? Not so much.”

“Please, Liv. I need you. Mazie needs you. It was kill or be killed. He would have hurt Mazie, so I took him out. I’ve never been an angel, but you know me, or at least you did. I’m still in here.” He tapped his chest with a finger. “At least some part of the guy you used to know is in there. Right now, he’s a little screwed up, a whole lot scared because I have to run. Have to. But I swear on my baby’s life I‘ll be back. Be back with no issues and this nightmare will be over. We can start again. She needs a good woman to be her mother.”

“Is that a proposal?”

He grabbed her hand and squeezed. “It’s just a down payment, but there’s plenty more where that came from.”

She straightened and stared ahead at the road winding before them. “I have said a lot of terrible things about you in the years gone by. But you know what?” She looked over at him. “I never said anything about insanity.”

“We’ll go slow,” he promised, lifting her fingers to his lips.

“Damn skippy. Painfully slow.”

He stroked her hand with his fingers, relaxing her. “Does that mean you’re ready to do this?”

She closed her eyes and whispered. “I always was a sucker for a dare. Geronimo.”


A great big THANK YOU to all the authors who participated in our serial story What if you Fly. If you’d like to know more about them you can find out more by clicking on their name.

Xio Axelrod

Kim Loraine

Jami Denise

J.R. Richardson

Kim Smith


This has been great fun. It incredible how many different twist the story took. Hope you all enjoyed it as well. Standby for more great stuff from the Chicks.


4 thoughts on “What if you fly- Part 13 FINALE with guest author Kim Smith

  1. What a great way to finish the story, Kim. Well done. I’ll add my thanks to all of the wonderful guest authors we’ve had. Thanks for taking our story all the places we’d love to go.

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  2. Thanks Kim. Loved how you wrapped it up. I echo Gemma and would like to extend a heart warm THANKS to everyone who wrote. What a wonderful way to see snippets of each authors voice. I am blown away to be keeping company with such fabulous writers. 🙂

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