Tracey Gee of LovExtra

Every once in a while, you meet someone who is so charming and so innately funny you just can’t help being a leeettle jealous of them. For me, that would be Tracey Gee of I love to stop by and read her blogs, especially on a blue Monday (or any other day of the week) because I know I’ll end up with a smile. She’s been nominated as a KickAss Blogger not only because of her sense of humor, but because of the way she supports authors on all social media.

Welcome Tracey! We’re glad you’re here.



Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and why.

I’m a crabby old bat who loves romance novels and cozy mysteries. I’m easily distracted, portly and perimenopausal. A relentless gamer, I keep the BFG 9000 in my girdle. In my spare time, I eat stress. Lots of it.

I’m the O/O of and my personal blog: Old Enough and Ugly Enough. My this-year dream is to do up a “I love cozy mystery” site.

I’m trying desperately to write a book which is worthy of a publisher’s notice. Or my cat’s notice. Anyone’s notice. Someone notice me, please! But only if I’ve done something good. Please stop noticing my foibles. They are many. Moral of any story? Hire an editor.

In the absence of all this, I play classical guitar, and go to Zumba as much as possible, trying to amortize the outrageous cost of my sports bra.

Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick. 

Favorite Things: Cats, Coffee, Chocolate. The 3 Cs of Evil

Pet Peeves: People who snap their fingers when they walk. I aim my Ack Ack of Hate on you.

Addictions: Cats, coffee, chocolate.

Kick Ass Superpower: I can see through walls, and I can withstand the forces of the 5,000 Second Rule if chocolate is involved.

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Eric Northman
  • For a dirty weekend: Eric Northman
  • To have and to hold: Mr Darcy, because I wore Eric Northman out. I know Mr Darcy will appreciate my newfound skill-set and pay for my chiropractor.

Is anyone else still laughing about the Ack Ack of Hate? Or the 5,000 second rule? Going to have to remember that one if I ever drop chocolate. Oh, who am I kidding? I hoover up chocolate so fast there is no time for it to fall on the floor.

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 Thanks for stopping by! Come by anytime!

Gemma Sig-1a


12 thoughts on “Tracey Gee of LovExtra

  1. Welcome Tracey! I can’t wait to check out your blog:-) I admire you for wearing out Northman and going easy on Darcy. But one thing I’m a little uncertain about. There’s a time rule on picking up chocolate? The only thing that makes me pause is if my dog might have licked it first and I have to wrestle it from his tightly clenched jaws. 🙂
    Thanks for bringing her Gemma! You both KickAss!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to say, I didn’t know Mr. Northman COULD be worn out. For that, lady, I’ve got to say, “Damn, I’m impressed.” LOL
    Terrific interview, Tracey. Thanks so much for coming to share with the Chicks and being such a KickAss blogger!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you, Tracey, for making my Friday morning. I’m currently stuck in an airport in Kansas. Enjoyed a good laugh while I wait. 😉


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