What If You Fly – Part 10

what_if by Erin HansonOh, we are heading into the home stretch with our progressive fiction. The guest author we had scheduled for today had some things come up, so I’m pinch hitting for her today. Want to see where the story came from? You can start at the beginning and find each installment  on OUR BLOG or at WATTPAD.

For now, here is part 10!

David lunged toward her, only to be restrained when the nightmarishly tall Taryn seized his arms. The Lumeri easily lifted David until his feet dangled six inches off the ground. The fear and rage on David’s face was the only thing not obscured by the haze of the transport beam immobilizing Liv. She beat her fists against the glowing wall, screaming as fiery heat pulsed from hand to shoulder.

The alien who claimed to be her brother tossed the sensory blocking he’d just removed to Taryn, who caught it and in one swift move, slammed it back into David’s chest. He went instantly limp in Taryn’s grasp, only to be encased in the bright white light of a beam similar to the one surrounding her.

Mazie screamed as another bolt of light descended from above and swathed her.

“You said they’d go free,” Liv screamed at her brother. “You promised you wouldn’t hurt them if I went with you.”

The price on their heads is too high. Liv’s jaw ached—dull, constant and painful pressure—while her brother forced his thoughts directly into her head. Our father insists we bring them back to Lumeri. He’ll require the ransom money to finance his invasion plans.

Taryn released his grip on David, who despite of his immobilized state remained upright. Taryn stepped back and beat his fist against his shoulder then his chest, and addressed her brother. “Uomo, This one is ready for transport. The sensory block is complete. He will not be able to move until we are ready to return him to Aldoria.” His voice from within the transport cylinder came out a distorted grunt.

Uomo? That name was familiar. Hadn’t she heard her earthly guards whispering that name just after Liv and David had broken up all those years ago. She’d been in the hallway double checking to make sure she’d returned her trigonometry book to her book bag when their voices echoed out of the kitchen.

They said Uomo is alive.”

Her father snorted. “They have to be mistaken. We’d know. The signs would be evident. She’d come into her powers if he were. You know the glow would be obvious. Have you seen any signs of it?”

“I have not, but you know the luminescence could be latent. She is not fully of age yet.”

“You worry for no reason, woman. The rumors of Uomo’s continued existence are just that. Rumors.”

Their conversation had been hushed, but urgent and angry, but they’d hushed the second she’d walked into the kitchen. Her ‘mother’ had started banging pots onto the stove, while the man she’d thought of as father hid behind the morning newspaper. And that had been the end of.

Her brother’s grin pulled his features into a grotesque mask. The fierce glow in his brilliant blue eyes was beyond otherworldly. Liv had never seen anything that looked close to the color, and it terrified and oddly soothed her to know hers were probably glowing with as much intensity.

Liv swept her glance from her brother to lock eyes on Mazie. The girl had shrunk back against the glowing wall of the beam surrounding her, biting her lower lip, tears shimmering in her eyes, but not falling. Brave little munchkin. And to think, just a short while ago, the biggest thing she’d feared had been standing up in front of the audience, performing her song in the talent show.

David had spoken into her mind. Liv decided to try to reach out to Mazie in the same way. Possibly they shared a similar connection.

Liv pressed her palms to her thighs, attempting to focus her energy and concentration on the little girl. “Mazie, baby can you hear me?”

Mazie’s mouth formed a perfect little O, her eyes widening to the size of saucers, as she nodded. “Why is this happening, Miss Buffenbarger? Is my daddy okay?

“I’m not sure, honey. But I think he’s okay.” Liv drew on every bit of her teacher training and tried to put as much reassurance into her smile as humanly possible. Oh, hell, she wasn’t human, was she? “I promise, I won’t let anything bad happen to you or your dad. Do you believe me?”

Mazie nodded.

Liv broke the connection between her and the little girl, and projected her thoughts toward David. Where earlier they’d had a clear connection, now, she encountered a cloudy wall. The sensory block must affect his brain waves, or pattern, or whatever. She pulled her thoughts back.

Uomo had been watching her attempt at silent communication and turned his glare on her. “You will not be able to communicate with the Aldorian while he wears the block. If I have my way that will be forever. And if you wish to save the little Aldorian,” he inclined his head toward Mazie, “I suggest you hold no further private conversations with her.”

Liv drew a deep breath and squared her shoulders. “What do you want with us?”

The light encircling her grew brighter and colder and louder, humming like intense white noise. Liv pressed her hands against her ears and saw Mazie do the same, her face scrunched up, as if in pain. A curious pressure enveloped Liv’s body, creating a weightless, floating feeling. She felt as if she were being lifted upward.

Uomo threw his back and grating laughter filled the air. “Sister,” he said. “Prepare yourself. You are about to meet our father.”

Gemma Sig-1a

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