Kicking Ass Regency Style

I am so excited to introduce you to our Honorary Chick today. Collette Cameron Kicks Ass in Regency Romance. Let me give you the official bio before we get to know her a bit better.

Collette Cameron

Bestselling, award-winning author, Collette Cameron has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Teaching. Author of the Castle Brides Series, Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series, and Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Series, Collette writes Regency and Scottish historicals and makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and five mini-dachshunds. Mother to three and a self-proclaimed Cadbury Chocolate chocoholic, Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, trivia, and all things shabby chic or cobalt blue. You’ll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels. Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, too many flowers, or too many books. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.





Tell us three things about you nobody else knows. We promise to keep it a secret.

Oh, secrets!!!

Let’s see, what should I reveal?

I’ve never had a traffic citation, though I have been stopped twice.

Too boring?

A bull chased me up a tree once (Used that in Triumph and Treasure). I still don’t remember how I got down.

I don’t much like wine and I can’t stand beer.

Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Things: Dachshunds, Cadbury Chocolate, just about anything Scottish or cobalt blue, and smoked salmon. Yummy!

Pet Peeves: People who open and sample products, drivers who refuse to obey the rules of the road, any type of bullying.

Addictions: Coffee, especially with pumpkin spice creamer. Cadbury milk chocolate, dachshunds, anything cobalt blue (these seem to be reoccurring theme!)

Kick Ass Superpower: I’m a romance writer, isn’t that enough? Oh, and I have the ability to zap calories from all foods that go straight to the hips and thighs.

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night:   Oh, the Musketeer, Aramis.
  • For a dirty weekend: The Count of Monte Cristo
  • To have and to hold: I want Jamie Fraiser!! It’s his kilt and brogue, ye ken?

Love my historical gents!

We asked Collette to give you a little taste of her newest release.

Virtue and Valor (Highland Heather Romancing the Scot Series, Book 2)


Dragging the blanket with her, Isobel sat up. “Ewan, stop it this instant. Nothing happened. If you’d notice, he’s wearing pantaloons.”

She tried to ignore the awkwardness of the demeaning situation. Nonetheless, the men shuffling at the end of the bed and Harcourt’s appraisal strained her composure.

Pointing at the sword, she scowled. “Get that away from Yancy.”

“I warned you, Ramsbury, not to trifle with her affections.” Ewan sent her a glance filled with disappointed accusation. “I expected better from you, Isobel.”

Aye, it’s shocked I be, lass.” Father’s usually jovial eyes brimmed with disapproval.

Pain welled within her chest, and she stifled a wounded gasp. Clasping the blanket tighter, she dropped her gaze as mortification surged from her bare shoulders to her hairline.

They blame me.

And Ewan had warned Yancy away from her? Tears pooled, but she refused to shed them.

Yancy shifted the tiniest bit, nudging her knee with his. “I suppose you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I’ve every intention of marrying her.”

Nearly letting loose of the blanket, Isobel swung her gaze to him. Had she heard him correctly? “Pardon?”

“Not the most romantic proposal, I know.” A twinkle entered his expressive eyes. “A blade at one’s throat does rather ruin the moment.”

He probably said he intended to marry her to save his skin.

Father and Dugall appeared ready to pummel him. Ewan threatened with the sword tip, and the others’ countenances were no less menacing, except Harcourt who seemed highly amused by the situation.

Her composure and patience at an end, Isobel jerked her head toward the door. “Leave. All of you, so I can rise.”

“Not until we settle the matter.” Legs spread, Father folded his arms, his expression unyielding.

Stubborn oaf.

Dugall mimicked their father’s stance.

If it hadn’t been for the seriousness of the situation, Isobel might have teased him. Instead, she flashed her father as stare meant to scorch his hair and blister his skin.

“Do you think to have this discussion with Isobel unclothed in full view of these men, Sir Hugh?” With a blade at his throat, Yancy dared challenge her father.

A rush of appreciation seized her. She might be able to pretend chagrin wasn’t shattering her, but she wouldn’t be able to continue the ruse much longer. Especially, with the curious and censured glances—and a few appreciative ones as well—covertly directed at her from the clansmen.

Everyone between here and London would know of her ruination within days.

Yancy’s question took Father aback. His dark brown eyes assessed the earl. “Nae. Clear the room. That be includin’ ye, yer lordship.”

Yancy patted Isobel’s leg. “Everything will be all right. I promise.”

As you promised last night?

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