What if you fly- Part 9 by Kim Loraine

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what_if by Erin Hanson



“I know you’re there, Aldorian filth.” Taryn’s voice rumbled over the quiet hilltop as he surveyed the grounds. “I can smell you.”

Tendrils of fear mixed with a fierce need to fight had Olivia tensing in her spot next to David. How had she come from an elementary school talent show to an intergalactic war? She breathed as quietly as possible, afraid Taryn would hear her.

Her heart raced as the same thought circled in her head. What do they want from us?

David’s muscles jumped under her hand and he locked eyes with her, a question on his face. She could feel their connection throughout her entire being, an almost uncontrollable pull to be near each other. He let out a soft breath and closed his eyes, resting his forehead against hers.

They want you.

It was his voice in her ears, but not from his lips. An involuntary gasp escaped her and she cringed, heart hammering in her chest and a cold sweat covering her.

Her? They wanted her. What could she give them? Nothing.

Liv, they want to keep us apart. There’s never been an Aldorian and Lumeri pairing in the history of our kind. The prophecy of the elders says the fruit of our union would bring great change to our world—a new species with untold power.

 That’s why your parents—no, your guards—got so angry when we were kids. That’s why they didn’t want us together.

 You can’t know how hard it has been for me to stay away from you. We were fated to be together. It has been written for thousands of years. It is the reason for the uprising. The Lumeri don’t want another species weakening their control. Your father tried to have you killed the moment you were born a girl.

 What? My father wanted to kill me?

Nausea clawed at her throat. Her own father wanted to kill her.

 Not the father you know. The parents who raised you are humans. After my family heard of your birth and of your father’s plans, they kidnapped you and had you sent to Earth … with me.

 Her knees wobbled as she let it all sink in. Her parents weren’t her real parents and she was basically alien royalty, apparently with telepathic powers. She wondered briefly what other powers she might have. Her whole life was a lie. Even her feelings for David weren’t her own. They’d been arranged thousands of years ago by people who didn’t even know her.

 Taryn’s gravelly voice broke through their connection. His words sent shivers down her spine.

“Give us what we want and the child can leave with you. Give us what your family stole.”

A sharp pain blossomed in the center of her forehead, forcing a cry from her unwilling mouth as a hard, angry voice sounded in her head. Sister. Come home.

She pushed away from David, confusion coloring her emotions.

“Sister?” She directed the word at David and his face paled.

“No. It can’t be him. He’s supposed to be dead.”

A soft thud sounded from across the hill. David’s eyes rolled back in his head. He slumped to the ground in a graceless heap.


She fell to his side and immediately began assessing his body for some sign of injury. It was a dark, moonless night. The only light came from the soft glow of the glass case holding Mazie; not enough to see clearly. She resorted to running her fingers over his neck and chest searching for some kind of wound, praying she wouldn’t find blood. Her hand ghosted above a cool, flat disc over his heart. Her first instinct was to pry it loose, remove the offending object from him, and bring him back to her.

“I wouldn’t do that, little sister. The sensory blocker can only be removed by a trained professional. You’ll trigger the self-destruct function and electrocute your beloved.”

She spun around from her crouching position to see the lanky man they’d noticed standing in front of her earlier. His eyes burned the same sapphire color as hers, and his voice was the one that had echoed in her head.

“Kassia, I can’t believe it’s you,” his voice broke as he approached her.

“My name is Olivia.”

His lips tightened into a thin line. He didn’t like that, but she couldn’t help correcting him.

“Fine, Olivia. If that is what you wish to be called, that can be arranged.” He held a hand out to her, but she stayed put, not willing to go with this stranger, even if he was her brother.

“Fix him.”

“I can do that, but not until you agree to come with us. You need to be where you belong.”

She balked at his suggestion. “I belong here. Where I have lived my entire life. I don’t know you. So far, all I’ve seen is that you like to steal kindergarteners and shoot unarmed men.”

He laughed, the glow of his eyes brightening. “He is not as defenseless as you might think. Aldorians carry many defenses that can’t be seen.”

“Take that thing out of his chest.”

“Come with us. Come learn which side you are supposed to be on and I swear to you, I will fix him.”

Her heart stuttered. If she didn’t go, David would die. But if she did, what might happen to her? And what about Mazie? Her eyes drifted to the sleeping child.

“Mazie goes free. Now. Call it a gesture of good faith.”

He flicked a glance at Taryn and nodded once. The glass melted away, seeping into the ground. Mazie blinked her eyes, offering a soft yawn. The little girl stepped out of the remnants of the chamber and locked eyes with her as Taryn stood close behind.

“Fine. I’ll go with you, but I need to see him safe.”

Her gut clenched when her brother’s lips spread in an unnerving smile.

“Good girl. Stand right there. This will only hurt for a second.”

A bolt of electricity raced through her body, burning and immobilizing her as the transport beam encircled her. She watched as her brother extracted the sensory blocker, and David came around. His gaze connected with her, and his beautiful face took on an anguished expression.

“Liv! No! What have you done?”


Stayed tuned for part 10- coming next week. Can’t wait to see where the story goes!







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