Judith Post of Myths and Musings

Hi all, it’s Kyra here to welcome to our KickAss Blogger for the week: Judith Post. Judy, as I know her, is one of my favorite bloggers. And okay, I may be a little biased on this one since we both hail from NE Indiana. 😉 Her blog Myths & Musings is a terrific, down-to-earth site that captures the essence of writer-dom. Many of her posts focus on the goals, achievements, and day-to-day obstacles she (and so many of us) faces in her daily writing. When she comes across a book she loves or an author she’s connected with, those posts hit her blog as well. And Twitter? Well, Judy’s the queen of writer support and RT’s. She’s even a founding member of a local writing group called the Scribes, which helps writers hone their craft and find their “voices”. By the way, Judy writes totally kickass urban legend novels and has decided to mix things up a bit by dabbling into romance.

To me, bloggers who help support, encourage, and inspire us all to work hard and put ourselves out there deserve the designation of KickAss. Judy, I believe, is one such blogger. That’s why I’m honored to share a bit about her with you on our blog today. J

So Judy, why don’t you tell the Chicks and our Readers a little about yourself, what you do, and why:

JudyPost1 Well, first of all, thanks for the introduction.  It makes me sound pretty good. 🙂  I taught elementary education for six years, and I think the teaching bug never leaves you.  If I learn something and can share it, why not?  The truth is, I think most writers are generous.  I know you are.  I love your blog, too.

I write urban fantasy novels and novellas, and I always get a kick out of it when someone tells me, “You seem so nice, but I’ve read your stories.”  Then they wonder if I have a dark side.  I probably do. 🙂  Actually, I think most people do.  (I hope it’s not just me.)  What I like about urban fantasy, though, is that the ones I read pit good magic against bad.  I started out writing mysteries—the good guys try to catch the bad guys, and for me, urban fantasy just pumps that concept full of steroids.  In urban fantasies, though, the good guy doesn’t chase down the bad guy, he battles him.  UF pushes protagonists to their limits, forces them to make hard choices and put their lives on the line.  The good thing about battling evil wizards or vicious vampires is that they’re not REAL.  Mysteries deal with crimes that could actually happen.  I’m older now.  I don’t want to fictionalize things that depress me in real life on the news.  In UF, you deal with the same concepts, but since they’re supernatural characters, I think the concepts actually prove stronger in a sort of fantasy setting.  I say “sort of,” because UF uses contemporary settings, but it populates them with bigger than life characters and magic.

I’m dabbling with romances now because, I’ll be honest, my agent told me to.  And I love my agent.  The thing is, I worried if I could write romance, but I found that I love it.  The focus is completely different from mystery or UF.  Everything concentrates on and revolves around the relationship of the protagonist and the love interest.  It’s made me pay closer attention to character development and nuances.  It’s going to make me a better writer.

Besides writing, I love cooking and gardening.  I’ve seen pictures of your flower beds, and mine are messy compared to yours.  I’m a lazy gardener, but I enjoy any plants that survive and bloom. 🙂  I’m a little obsessive about cooking.  I have files full of recipes I’ve torn out of magazines, and I own way too many cookbooks.  I love having people over for supper.  And I think every writer loves to read.  That makes me sound a little more well-rounded, doesn’t it?  But the truth is, I spend a lot of time, writing.

Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick.

Favorite Things: People, scallops, and white wine (not too dry)

Pet Peeves: Waiting—I hate it. Rudeness—learn some manners. Intolerance.

Addictions: Wine. Dancing With the Stars. Foodtv (how sad is that?)Pecan rolls on Saturday mornings.

Kick Ass Superpower: I can talk on the phone and play spider solitaire at the same time. Does that count? I don’t call my husband to kill spiders???

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Vlad in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Prince series
  • For a dirty weekend: Mad Rogan in Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series
  • To have and to hold: Mr. Darcy—I still have a crush on him.

Wow, I’ll have to remember that spider-killing super power–next time I’m cornered by one, I’m calling you! Lol Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with us today! And readers, you can find Judy online at the links below:

Judy’s blog: http://writingmusings.com/

Judy’s webpage: http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/

Judy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/judypost  (@judypost)


4 thoughts on “Judith Post of Myths and Musings

  1. Thank you for being here, Judith! Loved your views of urban fantasy. As a UF writer, I totally agree on so many points. And, GAH, Mr. Darcy. Yes, yes, and um…yes. 😉


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