Corrina Lawson of GeekMom

Welcome to our KickAss Blogger of the week! Today I’m introducing you to Corrina Lawson and the blog.

GeekMom at GeekGirlCon

Yeah, these guys seriously kick ass in the blogosphere. I’ll be having Corrina back at a later date so she can tell us about her own kick ass books, but for now let’s find out about Geek Mom.

First, Corrina, tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and why. (Appx 2-5 paragraphs.)

Hi! Thanks for having me!

I’m a co-founder and the Content Director of, a website dedicated to all the stuff that our moms find geeky, from DIY projects, to pop culture, to science, to toys, and everything in between. We have about 20 writers/editors and our pieces range from education to opinion pieces on the role of girls and women in our world and just plain gushing about stuff we love, from X-Files, to Captain Marvel to A Wrinkle in Time. I adore all the GeekMoms on our site. My tribe.

Confession: I became a journalist because of Lois Lane. I watched the black and white re-runs of the George Reeves Superman show as a kid and Lois was the first woman who I saw who had a job outside the house. And it was a really cool job

Lois is my spirit animal.


Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick.

 Favorite Things:

Does my family count as things? I do call my four kids “minions?” 

 Cats. I’ve had many cats over the years and have two right now but my special cat will forever be my tortoiseshell, Elf kitty, who lived until 22 and a half.

 Books! Naturally.

 I have a shelf in a glass front bookcase of all the items made for me by my kids over the years. If there’s ever a fire in my house, that’s what I’m grabbing. (Assuming the family and the pets are okay.)

 My collection of passes to various writing and comic book conventions, most of them as press or as a paneliss. I still can’t believe I was on a panel at New York Comic Con. TWICE. The best part? My kids came to some of them with me. We did a family vacation to New York Comic Con one year.


Pet Peeves:

“Too Stupid to Live” characters in fiction. The flip side is that I love intelligence in characters. Whatever a character’s looks, if they’re smart, I’m going to crush on them. I’m currently watching Wolf Hall where Thomas Cronwell (Mark Rylance) is always the smartest guy in the room and I’m fascinated.

 Real life? People who talk on cell phones while driving. I’ve been nearly hit one too many times.



Fresh buttered popcorn

Reeses Peanut Butter cups, especially the special ones for Halloween, Christmas & Easter.

Superhero comics

As a teenager, I was addicted to the study of the English Royal Plantagenets. I can recite all the Kings/Queens of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II from memory.


Kick Ass Superpower:

Multitasking! I have four kids, I have a non-fiction life as a GeekMom, I have a fictional career as genre writer, and, oh, I also have the husband, the dog, and the cats.


Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Robinton, Masterharper of Pern, Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. I have the night planned out. First, he’s going to sing for me, then he’s going to recite poetry, then sex, then some more singing.
  • For a dirty weekend: Philip Drake of my own book, Phoenix Legacy. Philip is a very messed up dude, which means he’s perfect for that dirty weekend of ‘whatever you want.’
  • To have and to hold: Too many choices. I’m forever crushing on fictional dudes. I narrow it down to two:

Aral Vorkosigan of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series because he’s so smart, so loyal, so competent, and so determined to do right by his people.

 Clark Kent/Superman. Sure, everyone wants the dark, brooding Batman but there’s no commitment there. At heart, Clark is a nice, small town boy who treats women right. Plus, totally hot, and there’s the whole “possible sex when flying” deal.

Thanks for stopping by! You can find out more about Corrina and Geek Mom below.


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