Fun Guy Friday


A.S. here and I’m going to admit a dirty little secret……… I love those stupid auto correct mishaps. I laugh so hard I cry and can’t speak. Literally my mouth is open and no sound comes out because I’m laughing so hard. It’s pathetic, but true. So since it’s Friday and I’ve had a good laugh, I decided to share it with you. Some of these are a touch naughty. Consider yourself warned. 😉


95abaf38dd31adaf661cea1b42e10e78 0d5b1e589360b4904b77c7dbe4dd2137  1594-fu b028371e24b85ed80e244e33dcd27ac9 bf27b62be12734347678f4d386f59e30 f6021dd48197854e8f106739d458e56e funniest-parents-texts-27

You’re Welcome

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