Honorary Chick Paige Christian

Hey y’all,
I’m Kristi and it’s my turn to honor a KickAss Chick. 
 Today I’m really excited to welcome super editor and fabulous person, Paige Christian
Paige is my editor, so clearly I’m biased. She’s patient and thoughtful. She’s great at playing the ‘what-if ‘ game and helping me work out sticky spots. Words cannot express how valuable that is, especially for a new writer like myself.
I’ve given her every reason to think I’m dimwitted.
Like using the term butt naked instead of buck naked or spell checking my MS right before I hit the send button and not noticing that I accidentally changing the word emoji to emboli.  
First impressions, folks. First impressions. 
Paige has never made me feel like anything other than a writer with talent.
To say I adore her is an understatement:-)
Thanks for coming by, Paige!
Reading a book

Photo Courtesy of Depositphoto

Tell us a little about yourself and why/how you took the path of editor.  

I approach life with a slightly warped sense of humor mixed with a healthy dose of sarcasm. I’m (un)lucky enough to live in the coldest place on Earth, also known as Michigan. This means I look like a walking ad for parkas and ugly snow boots at least eight months out of every year. But, I admit, summertime in Michigan is wonderful. Best three days of the year.

Reading is one of my great passions, and my family will tell you that I never stop. They’re no longer surprised to see a book in front of me while I’m cooking, doing laundry or supervising the impromptu death matches between two children under age twelve. Becoming an editor just seemed a natural step for someone who couldn’t stop reading. It’s thrilling to have even a small part in the process of getting books in the hands of readers, and so much fun to work with amazing, creative people. My favorite part is reading a final draft, after reading and working on a project for months, and still loving the story. That’s when I know it’s great. (Okay, true confession, my favorite part is when an author thanks me. After I’ve spent months making them rewrite scenes, delete scenes, or answer a thousand “Why did they…?” questions. )

What are the top three mistakes authors make in writing and submitting their work?

1. Failing to clean up all tracked changes/editing marks. I consider it one of the best indicators of an author’s willingness to work on a project.  If the author is already too sick of the manuscript to read through it one more time, how will they survive the editing  process? Another part of this is failing to follow submission guidelines. When an author doesn’t even follow simple submission guidelines, what does that say about their investment in the book?
2. Not using a strong critique partner who can be truly honest, without fear of hurting a relationship, (in other words, don’t rely on mom or a BFF.) A knowledgeable critique partner with the ability to be honest without being brutal can be an excellent tool to help an author develop their craft.
3. Making it personal.
Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:
Favorite Things: My family. Books. Movies/pictures/anything with Gerard Butler. Fuji apples. Emoticons! Warm weather and a pool. Trees and a hammock. Flowers.
Pet Peeves: Loose instead of lose. Woah instead of whoa. Your instead of You’re. The terms “mommy porn” and “bodice ripper.” Salesmen who ignore me and talk to my husband.
Addictions: Chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate. Even a 200k+ submission littered with editing markup, loose and woah is better with chocolate.
Kick Ass Superpower: I’d like to be Elasti-girl. The ability to meld my body into any shape would be fabulous—especially considering the above-mentioned chocolate addiction. 🙂
Your best book boyfriend:
For the night: It’s a bit of a throwback, but Ranger, from the early Stephanie Plum books.
For a dirty weekend: Cain, from RAISING CAIN (The Key Guardians Book 1) by Kelli Ireland. (UN)Holy hotness!
To have and to hold: Jamie Frasier, of course. From the books, though, not the show. I refuse to watch it for fear the actor cast as Jamie would forever erase the real Jamie in my brain/heart.
Isn’t she great, y’all?
Paige works for Lyrical/Kensington but also freelances. She’s totally KickAss:-)

5 thoughts on “Honorary Chick Paige Christian

  1. Great responses, Paige! The salesman that talks to the husband. Hard to believe that still happens. I’ll put it right up there with the guy who talks to my breasts. Yo, dude. My eyes are up here.

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