Jonesing on some Harlequin Junkies

Harlequin Junkies is one of those blogs all writers are delighted to find their way onto. It’s a sort of badge of honor to be featured on their site. I’m delighted to welcome the power behind the super blog to KickAss Bloggers today. No doubt about it, this lady kicks ass.
Hi fellow Book Lovers; I’m Sara @HarlequinJunkie founder of Harlequin Junkie blog and owner of an endless TBR pile. A Portfolio Analyst by day, who moonlights as a book blogger and romance novel enthusiast. Voracious Reader. Addicted Blogger. Shoeaholic. Belly dancer. Undomestic Goddess who thrives on Love, Laughter & HEA’s.
There is nothing I like to talk about more than my favorite topic: Romance Novels; you might call me a self appointed advocate of the romance genre and you would be right. Where else could one hang out with super sexy alpha billionaire hero’s, travel the globe in a Private Jets or buy Million dollar seaside mansions on a daily basis?
Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick.
Favorite Things: A day spent reading at the beach with my crazy lab puppy Max. 
Pet Peeves: People who talk to you while you are reading. Seriously?! 
Addictions: Addicted to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever Afters!
Kick Ass Superpower: To be able to fly or teleport. A great way to travel the world at my leisure 😉
Your best book boyfriend: Given the amount of reading I do, this is a tough choice… OK, As of this week: 
·      For the nightMaksimilian Sevastyan from The Master by Kresley Cole
·      For a dirty weekend: Max Stella from Beautiful Stranger. 
·      To have and to hold: I’m conflicted here between Mr. Darcy and Max Stella. 
Thanks to Sara for joining us. If you haven’t checked out Harlequin Junkies before, where have you been???

4 thoughts on “Jonesing on some Harlequin Junkies

  1. Omigosh! Trying not to fangirl too much here. I’ve been following you for ages, Sara. So happy to have you here on KAC. And I agree, Darcy is definitely a good one for “to have and to hold.” *swoony sigh*

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