Case of the missing Turtles

Hello everyone!

First, sorry about the missing post. I was tweaking the site and forgot we were live. My bad.

By way of apology, I give you…. TURTLES!

This guy looks like he belongs in one of my SFR books.


Turtle sandwich, anyone?

Turtle Sandwich

When I saw that last one…


And, just because… Mohawk!


I’ll leave you with this little gem. Clockwork turtle.


Got any fun turtle pics? Feel free to post them here.

And again, sorry!


Sabine red

3 thoughts on “Case of the missing Turtles

  1. My wonderful Hubby pulls over on side the road when he’s driving and sees a turtle in the road. He gets out and runs into the road, picks up the turtle then runs it to the other side of the road!! He has saved three this month so far…just another reason to love the man!! โค ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I love this! When we lived in a community with lots of turtle activity I had a ‘rescue kit’ in the SUV. My kids were well rehearsed. “Turtle in the road!” We’d pullover, I’d go to the back and get my laytex gloves on, because honestly, you don’t want to go shopping or eating after lugging a reluctant turtle back to it’s safety zone. Love them. They stink. Then it was gloves off and tossed into a plastic bag. Viola! Turtle rescue complete! Your husband is a rock star!

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    • Thank you I think so too! Your family are also Rock Stars…people who care about the welfare of innocent animals are the BEST there is!! We even stop for squirrels…little buggers are always dancing in the road!! Luckily we road is not heavily trafficked! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค


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