Honorary Chick G.S. Jennsen

Gs_Jennsen_Photo2Hello everyone, Sabine here. Welcome back to KAC’s Honorary Chick page! Today I’m really excited to welcome a relatively new find and total superstar, G.S. Jennsen! She’s the creator of the Aurora Rising series and I’m a major fan. Seriously. I stalk her on a regular basis.

So, Mrs. Jennsen, tell us a little about yourself.

I have been, in no particular order: a corporate attorney, a software developer, an editor, a web content provider, and a writer. Now, while I am older than I’d like to admit, I’m probably not old enough to have actually done all those things—which means I must have invented time travel somewhere along the way. Or possibly Dumbledore gave me a Time-Turner when I went to Hogwarts (before law school). So yeah, I’ve worn a few different hats in my life—but I think I’ll be writing for the rest of it. This profession rocks.

I write space opera/romantic/epic adventure science fiction. With a touch of singularity/transhuman, cyberpunk, AI and hard science themes, painted on a vast interstellar backdrop. Basically, writing in a single genre means there are rules I’m supposed to follow, which didn’t really fit my plans. Instead I write the story I want to tell, boundaries be damned. I try to turn that melting pot of themes into coherent, compelling stories by wrapping them in the guise of kick-ass characters. The heroes of Aurora Rising, Alexis Solovy and Caleb Marano, are 17,000x more kick-ass than I will ever be. Then again, I did create them, so that has to count in my favor, right?

I’ve just published the finale of the Aurora Rising trilogy, Transcendence. To paraphrase an eloquent reviewer, the plot is one of nefarious conspiracies, inter-galactic battles, alien invasions, assassinations, fierce personalities fighting for domination, stupid politicians, aged wisdom, powerful romance and a delicious touch of sex. Our heroine, Alexis Solovy, is a space explorer and scout-for-hire. Painfully independent and emotionally guarded, she is driven by a love of the stars, the thrill of discovering the unknown, and an unbendable stubborn will, but struggles with long-buried grief and anger. Our hero, Caleb Marano, is an equally independent intelligence agent for an enemy government. A walking weapon who hides a wide streak of compassion beneath an enigmatic smirk, he is driven by a staunch personal code of honor, but struggles with his own anger and grief.

When they meet, they immediately try to kill each other—and thus a love story is born.

Ha, nothing like trying to kill someone to get the sparks flying! And now for some fun Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Things: My husband. No, really; he’s amazing. Pizza and chocolate (but not together). Music, music, and more music. Spacescapes. The Mass Effect video game trilogy (minus the last 15 minutes). Whatever the newest geeky gadget is. A glass of wine…or three.

Pet Peeves: “Askholes”—people who poll all their friends for advice on every decision, then ignore it all and do what they want anyway—then ask for advice on how to get out of the trouble they got themselves into. People who lack spatial or situational awareness, especially when they and their buggy are taking up the entire aisle at the grocery while they talk on their cell phone.

Addictions: Disaster movies, even the really terrible ones on SyFy; bring on the hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornados—and alien invasions, of course. The newest geeky gadget. Video games, though writing has hacked into that addiction something fierce. Writing!

Kick Ass Superpower: Personal Force Field. I can keep a 20-foot circle around me clear of intruders in even the most crowded venue with the sheer power of my “don’t mess with me” aura.

Of all the cool tech in your world, what are top three you wish you had now?

There is some seriously cool tech in the Aurora Rising universe…. “Pulsing,” obviously—it’s basically texting/IM without devices, straight from your brain to your conversation partner’s brain. No one knows you’re not paying any attention to them and are instead chatting with your bestie. Internal cybernetics that heal all but the worst injuries without you having to go to a doctor—because when has anyone ever wanted to go to a doctor? And FTL spaceships, of course, because right now it takes 8 months just to get to Mars and I’ve got places to be.

Thanks for stopping by! If anyone wants to join me in stalking you, how do they go about it?

You can find me all over the web! I’m most often on Twitter or Facebook, but there are also these other places:

Goodreads / Google+ / Tumblr / Pinterest / Amazon

And my website has all sorts of goodies: www.gsjennsen.com

I’ll be attending Magic City Con in Birmingham, AL, July 24th-26th. I’ll be speaking on several panels and will also have a booth, so if you’re attending, please drop by! I’ll also be at Denver Comic Con on May 23rd, though only as a spectator—but if anyone wants to meet up, I’m game. Send me an email at gsjennsen@gmail.com.

Have a great day everyone!

Sabine red

3 thoughts on “Honorary Chick G.S. Jennsen

  1. Loved your pet-peeve. It’s one of mine too. In fact, there is meme I found on Facebook for just that subject. Wish I could post it here. Your books sound wonderful and I loved this little taste of your personality. I think we’d be friends.


  2. OMG best. Pet peeve descriptions. EVER! I’m soooo borrowing that Askhole term/definition. Know and few and I always do a *palm to forehead* when they open their proverbial mouths on FB. Thanks so much for accepting Sabine’s nomination – can’t wait to check out your trilogy!


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