Honorary Chick Jill Shalvis

Total fangirl moment today, as one of my all time favorite authors is visiting the KickAss Chicks – Jill Shalvis!! Swing by and show her some love, won’t you? Book giveaway also in progress over there…

KickAss Chicks

jill-shalvis-2012-fullshotHello everyone! Kyra here, and I am thrilled—THRILLED—to introduce the legendary, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis as this week’s Honorary Chick. Not only are her books topping the contemporary romance charts and finding their way into homes throughout the world, but her daily writing views from the Sierras that often include her family’s beloved black lab Frat Boy serve to inspire and entertain us on a daily basis. Jill, thank you so much for joining us today here at KickAss Chicks!

And now, a few questions for our curious fans:

What are the top three mistakes authors make in writing and submitting their work?

  1. Not doing enough drafts. No one’s first draft is pretty. Nor is their second.  And a lot of times, not the third either.
  2. Not spending enough time practicing the craft. We’re not born with the talent, it’s hard earned through practicing…

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