Leading Man Obsession #5 ~ It’s In His Eyes

There’s nothing like a man who can make you smolder with just a look. A long time ago, I was walking through my college campus and a young man with shoulder length blond hair and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen gave me a look that literally made me quiver with excitement. I was young and didn’t stop him. (Sigh) He walked on and I never saw him again, but thus started my obsession with eyes.

This could have been him, though a few years older and wearing a shirt. LOL

Yes Please!

Tom Mison as Ichabod is an excellent example of eyes that smolder. Plus the accent. YES!


Tom Mison - Ichabod Crane

Once in a while perfect eyes are framed by astounding brows and it’s just not fair. Also, I can’t resist Chris Pine. He’s Captain Kirk…Enough said….

Chris Pine _ Jess McMean

What do you think this Harley riding hottie is thinking. Brooding eyes that must be hiding something are simply irresistible.

On the Triumph

Those eyes that see right through you and just make you want to say…YES!



The man on half the romance covers in the world right now. He is the perfect example of why I can’t resist a beautiful pair of eyes. YUM!!!



WHEW…. That was fun. I’m off to take a cold shower. Enjoy your day and remember there’s nothing like a leading man with a look that goes right to the core of a woman.





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