Leading Man Obsessions #3: Facial Hair Fetish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

When the Chicks proposed our series of “Leading Man Obsessions”, I was quick to jump on this topic (sorry, Kristi!). Because, yeah, I totally have a thing for guys with facial hair. There’s just something about a well-groomed jawline that has always snagged my attention.


Or the sexy day-old stubble that says a man is in their comfort zone. It rather begs you to join them there, don’t you think?


Sometimes the facial scruff is intentional and adds a bit of intrigue to the standard suit look, whether just along the jawline…


…or extending a bit further down their neck…
Adam Levine

Doesn’t matter the color, or the percentage salt vs. pepper. The distinguished look, of course, is always in.

George Clooney

Though, he needs to be careful with the look he’s going for–too much of a celebrity match can be a bad thing.


Good….                                      Better…

Turn back! Turn back!

Turn back! Turn back!

In most cases, though, given the choice between baby-butt smooth cheeks or those dusted with a fine layer of sexy scruff, I’m a girl who can’t deny her attraction to a healthy bit ‘o stubble.




13 thoughts on “Leading Man Obsessions #3: Facial Hair Fetish

  1. Me?

    … I find the individual perspective of man-scaping, the most suitable. What’s good for one jawline might not be as impressive (or even a downright no thank you) on another. However, in saying that a look I’d rather not see on the gentlemen of any description is that with the embedding of last night’s spaghetti.

    But that’s just me 😉

    Great post!!!


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