Leading Man Obsession #2- Men with Ink

There’s no doubt that I prefer a man with a tattoo. Nothing against the blank tapestry that is uninked skin, but a tat that proclaims a man’s love for his mom, child, or that special moment in his life is like a book waiting to be read, a story waiting to be told.

I’m going to share my favorite tattoo’d bodies. I can only hope that you share some with me. I beg you…share some…please!



If you know me…you know this guy and his tat’s do it for me. He has one for his mom, a guitar, and a tiger, just to name a few. Yup, it all works. I’m all in for a tattoo that’s placed just about anywhere.


Like Stuart Reardon’s shoulder and sleeve tattoo. You may recognize him from some book covers. From one angle his skin is devoid of ink and then he turns and you see the other side of the story. Love it!





Clearly, I have a ‘type’. How about you? Where do you prefer to see ink?

flying bird small tattoo on finger





Are you a fan of the finger tattoo?








How about the undercover tat? Mister looks all business like until he rolls up his sleeve and you’re given a little tease of another layer.




The list of tattoo possibilities is endless–mandala tattoos, hand drawn doodles, geometric shapes. Where. How. Color. There are no limits. Imagination, or lack thereof, is the only barrier.

If you like the male form and body art, I highly recommend you stop by Michael Stokes Photography.

BUZZFEED has an interesting and fun article call 34 Kinds of Tattoos that look Insanely Hot on Guys

Check out my Pinterest Board on the subject

But seriously, we want to know. How do you feel about tattoos?


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