Nobody’s Angel by Sarah Hegger

Congratulations to Sarah Hegger on the release of the first book in her Willow Park series, Nobody’s Angel.



In this evocative new series from author Sarah Hegger, a woman returns home after a long absence–and wonders if two wrongs really can make a right. . .

Nine years ago Lucy Flint ran away to Seattle, taking her friend’s boyfriend and leaving her high school sweetheart without a word of explanation. Now she’s back in Willow Park, Illinois, to help care for her ailing father–and it’s no surprise that her ex, Dr. Richard Hunter, is still angry.

Still, she’s a different Lucy now. Sober, wiser, ready to make amends to the long–make that very long–list of those she mistreated during her wild younger days. Falling for Richard all over again would mean wreaking havoc in both their lives and possibly squandering her opportunity for redemption. But here, in the place where everything went wrong, is the one person who always felt right, and a second-chance that could be the best mistake she ever made. . .

Available in digital and print at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes

Leading Man Obsessions #6: Sexy Accents

I admit I have a thing for sexy accents. And by thing, I mean like a really big thing. So big, in fact, I married one. I have me my very own sexy Brit.

Today I have an assortment of delicious sound bytes for your listening pleasure. Before I give you my own, I’ll share the input from some KickAss Chicks who won a little contest we had over at the Science Fiction Romance Brigade House Party last week. It was twelve hours of far too much SFR fun. Here are the winners and their contributions:

Kathy Dunn’s Babylon 5 Marcus Cole Tribute Video

Michaela Shannon-Sank Scottish hotness a la David Tennant and

Heidi Ceschin Senesac’s Irish accent, a la Colin Farrell.


I have to admit the Irish and the Scotts are doing it for me. Here’s some more of my faves and some eye candy for good measure.


Hugh Jackman. Yeah, it’s hard work being sexy, poor thing.  jackman_lead





I don’t know how, but I totally missed this when it was airing. David Beckham’s Burger King commercial.david-beckham-armani

Come to think of it, David is pretty much the whole package right? He rocks a suit, can do the facial hair, has a killer accent and we’ve all seen those tats…Oh my, I think I’ll just go fan myself for a bit.



Next up, a favorite scene from Harry Potter. If this accent isn’t swoon worthy, I don’t know what is. Oliver Wood explaining Quidditch.


GerardButlerOh, Gerry. You are swoon worthy…

Wow, so, anyone got a thing for chest hair?




Up next, funny man Dylan Moran on Americans.  He’s not only funny, but sexy to boot.


The fight scene from Bridget Jone’s diary. Love this movie. Huge Grant and Colin Firth.

Here’s one of my all time faves, top ten from Sean Connery.Sean Connery

And last but not least I give you the Top Ten Iconic voices of our day (and a tad before).

That’s it for today. Next time you need a sexy voice fix, you’ll know where to look!


Sabine red


Damned Sinner by Jami Denise

damned-sinner-teaser-2Vince Donovan has lost a lot in his life. He has lived life under a code of greed, lies and crime – never allowing anyone to get too close. After losing the empire he fought to build at the hands of a psychotic man in pursuit of revenge, Vince vows to rebuild what he once had. Along with his once protege and now partner, Jayne King, he sets out to create an empire that is based on beautiful women, sex and sin.

Kelsey Franklin is young, beautiful, sexy and should be forbidden. Kelsey is also the one woman that Vince has vowed never to have and yet is the one woman he wants and needs.

When love happens in the unlikeliest of circumstances Vince must ask himself – Is love fit for the damned and the sinner?


Why this book kicks ass:7596548_orig

I’m going through a bit of dry patch with books at the moment. I always have a book on the go and read every night before I go to sleep. So, I thought I’d feature a book that I read a couple of months ago and loved. Jami Denise writes steamy, gritty contemporary romance, packed full of characters so real they make you ache for them. I’m a big Jami fan, but his new one, Damned Sinner, is Jami at her best.

Vince, the hero, first shows up in Jami’s “See Jayne Play”, you meet him again in the second book in the series, “Queen of Hearts.” I was champing at the bit to read his story, and it didn’t disappoint. Jami doesn’t do pretty with her characters, make excuses for them or try to rescue them. It makes her stories compelling, raw reading that drags you under with the characters and grips you until the end. And then she rescues the lot of you in an ending that made me weep.



KickAss Blogger Jackie Horne from Romance Novels for Feminists


Welcome to our KickAss Blogger for today, Jackie Horne. Jackie keeps her eye on equality and spreads the love over at Romance Novels for Feminists.

Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and why.

I’m a New England girl born and bred (even after enduring this crazy winter!), a PhD-carrying scholar of children’s literature, and an avid romance reader. I’ve published articles and a book on children’s literature, and have edited two volumes of scholarly essays on the classic children’s books The Secret Garden and The Wind in the Willows.

How, you ask, does a children’s literature scholar come to write about romance? By way of Twilight, of course. I was to give a talk at a conference about the series, and wanted to do some research about the romance genre, to see how the series conformed to (or resisted) romance conventions. During that research, though, I got a little sidetracked by an article by Dawn Heinecken: “Changing Ideologies in Romance Fiction.” Heinecken argued the romance genre had changed radically since the days when passive Harlequin heroines waited to be rescued and made whole by dominant, overbearing, and often violent alpha male heroes. Romance novels being written in the late 1990s, Heinecken argued, had begun to incorporate feminist discourses, running “counter to the traditionally ‘masculine’ ideology of competition, hierarchy, and autonomy” (150). I’d been an avid, if often guilty, reader of Harlequins during my teen years, but had given them up after my Women’s Studies classes in college helped me to realize just how sexist most of them were. But Heinecken’s article reignited my curiosity about the genre. Was it possible for a romance novel to be feminist?

I picked up a historical romance by Loretta Chase, and haven’t stopped reading romance since. I discovered that the genre had changed, or at least, some romances being published were no longer dishing out sexism by the shovelful. You can still find plenty of romances with alpha heroes ready to dominate sweet but passive heroines who can only find their worth if they are loved by/stalked by an overwhelmingly virile man. But some romance writers had begun to experiment with less conventional visions of masculinity and femininity, and more equitable power dynamics between romantic partners. Few review journals, though, had space for, or interest in, discussing feminism in individual romance novels. Some bloggers might mention feminism in a line or two, but no blog focused specifically on the feminist aspects of early 21st century romance fiction. Thus, my blog, Romance Novels for Feminists was born.

I’ve been blogging since the fall of 2012. I try to post twice a week. On Tuesdays, I review one or a handful of novels, exploring the ways in which it/they express feminist values or ideas. On Fridays, I write more generally about the connections and conflicts between feminism and genre romance. I love to hear back from readers, whether they agree with my ideas or take issue with them. And I really love when readers offer suggestions for future romance reading. Come join in the conversation!

Now for what you really want to know. Those Rapid Fire questions dear to the heart of any KickAss Chick.

Favorite Things: Beautiful wood furniture. Dragonflies. Screwball comedies from the 1930s. Cats.

Pet Peeves: Alpha-hole romance heroes. TSTL romance heroines. Clunky, repetitive, and/or grammatically-challenged writing. 

Addictions: Salted caramel gelato. The sound of the ocean at night. Romance novels with unforgettable characters.

Kick Ass Superpower: Able to both analyze romance novels AND still take pleasure from them

Your best book boyfriend:

I’m not really a one-night or one-weekend kind of a gal. So here are a few book boyfriends I might dream about for the long haul:

Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle, of Mary Balogh’s Slightly Dangerous

Christy Morrell, of Patricia Gaffney’s To Love and Cherish

Viscount Simon Iddesleigh, of Elizabeth Hoyt’s The Serpent Prince

Elijah, Duke of Beaumont, of Eloisa James’ This Duchess of Mine

Sir Mark Turner, of Courtney Milan’s Unclaimed

Nick, of Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Adam Wilde, of Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and Where She Went

Finnikin, of Malina Marchetta’s Lumatere Chronicles

Eugenides, of Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series

Quinn Jennings, of Victoria Dahl’s Start Me Up

Almost any Laura Florand hero

What a great list of BBs!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sabine red

Alien Bond Short Story by Sabine

Hey all! Totally forgot to post this. It’s a short story sequel for the Alien Attachments series. I’ll send it free to anyone who wants it. I’m generous that way 😉  Hit me up at

After the fall of their empire, the Sandarians struggled for order and peace, hiding their existence from the people of Earth. Until now. Under the guardianship of the Sandarians, it is a new world where fleets of ships circle the globe to protect the vulnerable human race.

Kara Heroshi breaks free from a controlling adoptive mother to begin a new life in London. She is both captivated and fearful of the alien Sandarian ship shining above the skyline—a beacon of power and allure.
Torril Anantha struggles to acclimate himself to life on Earth. The frailty of humanity disturbs him. But when one black-haired beauty ensnares his senses as well as his heart, he finally faces the difficult truth—his psi-mate is human.

While Kara is lured by the seductive Sandarian male, can she overcome her fears of being controlled and solidify the bond with Torril—the alien who is fated as her one true mate?

Warning: Hot and steamy content intended for 18+ only.

Sabine red

Leading Man Obsession #5 ~ It’s In His Eyes

There’s nothing like a man who can make you smolder with just a look. A long time ago, I was walking through my college campus and a young man with shoulder length blond hair and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen gave me a look that literally made me quiver with excitement. I was young and didn’t stop him. (Sigh) He walked on and I never saw him again, but thus started my obsession with eyes.

This could have been him, though a few years older and wearing a shirt. LOL

Yes Please!

Tom Mison as Ichabod is an excellent example of eyes that smolder. Plus the accent. YES!


Tom Mison - Ichabod Crane

Once in a while perfect eyes are framed by astounding brows and it’s just not fair. Also, I can’t resist Chris Pine. He’s Captain Kirk…Enough said….

Chris Pine _ Jess McMean

What do you think this Harley riding hottie is thinking. Brooding eyes that must be hiding something are simply irresistible.

On the Triumph

Those eyes that see right through you and just make you want to say…YES!



The man on half the romance covers in the world right now. He is the perfect example of why I can’t resist a beautiful pair of eyes. YUM!!!



WHEW…. That was fun. I’m off to take a cold shower. Enjoy your day and remember there’s nothing like a leading man with a look that goes right to the core of a woman.