Honorary Chick Nathalie Gray of Kanaxa Design

Nathalie Gray of KANAXA DESIGN

Nat signing them booksWe’re totally stoked to have Nathalie Gray with us today! Not only is Nathalie one kickass author (over forty published novels of speculative fiction ranging from steampunk, fantasy, romance and science fiction) she’s also one kickass cover artist! Honestly, where do we even begin? Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I spent years jumping off trucks and sleeping in tents with 500 of my closest male friends. The Canadian Army has thought me many things, among which the value of good raingear and just how much you can charge for the very, very last chocolate bar on camp. Mwa ha ha! When I had enough of freezing my butt off, I left to become an author. What does it say about my previous career? After a few years, two transatlantic moves, and many books, I added graphic designer to the mix, because clearly, I was so over all that “sleeping” thing. And that’s what I do still, over a decade later. Love every minute of it!

Kanaxa is the alter ego of Nathalie Gray, author of over thirty novels of speculative fiction ranging from science fiction, steampunk to fantasy. Her art, both written and visual, has won numerous awards, including RT for Best Science Fiction novel and multiple covers of the year awards. Her work has been featured in The Independent (UK), Men’s Fitness (Australia), RT Book Reviews and Realms of Fantasy magazines (US) and other publications. Over the years, Kanaxa’s input has been sought as part of panels during genre conventions and as judge for contests. A former soldier in the Canadian army and avid runner, Nathalie makes her home in an impregnable fortress beneath the Nordic ice sheets, where she plots to one day take over the world.

Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Things: My most favourite thing…Chocolate! No, sushi! No, Vin Diesel! No, I change my mind, Gerard Butler! No-no, Loki!

Pet Peeves: When movies are named after the hero when obviously, they’re about the tortured anti-hero villain. Like Thor. Fssssht, obviously, they meant to call that movie Loki: Misunderstood and Studmuffin.

Addictions: Action movies. Even bad ones (I’m looking at you, Terminator).

Kick Ass Superpower: Heat vision. Of course.

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Richard K. Morgan’s Market Forces, a near-future techno thriller that will melt. your. face.
  • For a dirty weekend: Anything by R.A. Salvatore (dude does the most insane fight scenes)
  • To have and to hold: Sir Banister Fletcher: A History of Architecture. I have one of the 21st edition, in all its black and gold beauty. I SHIT YOU NOT!


Find out more about this KickAss Chick and her KickAss covers here:  http://www.kanaxa.com/

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