Fun Guy Friday #2 – Peterson Farm Bros Sing Katy Perry’s Chore

Ever wonder where all those lovely steaks come from? The Peterson Farm Bros love to share what they know about farming life with parodies of popular songs. They’ve been entertaining the masses for a while with their very brand style of laughter. Because they’re all about that beef, ’bout that beef, no kale! They’re so farmer. Enjoy this clip of their parody of Katy Perry’s Roar.



And if you want more, you can visit their YouTube channel by clicking here

Leading Man Obsessions #1: SUIT PORN

Welcome, readers, to the KickAss Chicks’ first blog series—Leading Man Obsessions. I hamaninsuit4ve the enviable position of wrapping my brain around the tall, dark, well-dressed man to figure out why he makes a girl fall under his spell (the heroine as well as the one holding the book). So kick back, relax, and enjoy. I’ve included visual aids for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Starched shirt. Tailored pants. Sleek coat. Cinched tie. Reeking of confidence and intoxicating sex appeal, the leading man in a suit is a force to be reckoned with. But why? How does the powerhouse playboy lure so many women to the pages, compelling us to read well past our bedtime? I have a few theories.

Last year at the RT Convention, I attended a session on the topic of hot heroes hosted by Heroes and Heartbreakers. The fabulous Nalini Singh was on the panel, espousing to us clamoring, fangirling ladies about what made Kaleb from Heart of Obsidian so damn hot. When one audience member asked how she created the swoony Mr. Krychek, Singh mentioned a slight addiction to “suit porn” for inspiration. Immediately, the room erupted in giddy female laughter, including myself. Why? Because we all understood the enchantment of a confident man in a sharp suit, and it made us breathless just thinking about it.

maninsuit3This actually sent my inquisitive brain into analytical overdrive, trying to discover the reasons this type of hero is so drool-worthy. One might say the obvious reason is that he has money. Wealthy men are sexy. I think not. I believe it’s much more than that, something a tad more primitive.

One—he’s an alpha. The confident businessman exudes an aura of dominance that will make the lesser man cower in his presence and squirm under his glare. What he wants, he gets. That’s just the way of his world, so get used to it. And when he sets his sights on her, oh baby, you better get the f**k out of the way. Because he will have her, in every possible way (and position, most probably).

Two—he takes good care of himself, therefore, he’ll take excellent care of his maninsuit6lady. With an affinity for fine fabrics and good grooming, he will use his expertise and attention to detail to ensure her every desire is met. It may come with a bit of kinky loveplay and torturous teasing, but the wait will be worth the pleasure. Promise.

Three—the suit holds power. Yes, that fine ass, over-priced ensemble is his superman armor, shielding him from mere mortals, elevating him into an untouchable god. That is, until our heroine steps on scene and ensnares his body as well as his heart. For her, he finally disrobes and unmasks who he truly is—a sensual, vulnerable, beguiling man. But a man all the same.


Thinking back to Kaleb Krychek from Heart of Obsidian, I’m torn between which Kaleb I adore most—the bad ass Councilman who could break you in half with a look (literally) or the vulnerable lover in the bedroom, bending only for Sahara, the woman who owns his obsidian heart. While the well-dressed hero is often in command of the heroine, the truth is, she holds the most power…over him.


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Honorary Chick Nathalie Gray of Kanaxa Design

Nathalie Gray of KANAXA DESIGN

Nat signing them booksWe’re totally stoked to have Nathalie Gray with us today! Not only is Nathalie one kickass author (over forty published novels of speculative fiction ranging from steampunk, fantasy, romance and science fiction) she’s also one kickass cover artist! Honestly, where do we even begin? Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I spent years jumping off trucks and sleeping in tents with 500 of my closest male friends. The Canadian Army has thought me many things, among which the value of good raingear and just how much you can charge for the very, very last chocolate bar on camp. Mwa ha ha! When I had enough of freezing my butt off, I left to become an author. What does it say about my previous career? After a few years, two transatlantic moves, and many books, I added graphic designer to the mix, because clearly, I was so over all that “sleeping” thing. And that’s what I do still, over a decade later. Love every minute of it!

Kanaxa is the alter ego of Nathalie Gray, author of over thirty novels of speculative fiction ranging from science fiction, steampunk to fantasy. Her art, both written and visual, has won numerous awards, including RT for Best Science Fiction novel and multiple covers of the year awards. Her work has been featured in The Independent (UK), Men’s Fitness (Australia), RT Book Reviews and Realms of Fantasy magazines (US) and other publications. Over the years, Kanaxa’s input has been sought as part of panels during genre conventions and as judge for contests. A former soldier in the Canadian army and avid runner, Nathalie makes her home in an impregnable fortress beneath the Nordic ice sheets, where she plots to one day take over the world.

Now for some fun! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite Things: My most favourite thing…Chocolate! No, sushi! No, Vin Diesel! No, I change my mind, Gerard Butler! No-no, Loki!

Pet Peeves: When movies are named after the hero when obviously, they’re about the tortured anti-hero villain. Like Thor. Fssssht, obviously, they meant to call that movie Loki: Misunderstood and Studmuffin.

Addictions: Action movies. Even bad ones (I’m looking at you, Terminator).

Kick Ass Superpower: Heat vision. Of course.

Your best book boyfriend:

  • For the night: Richard K. Morgan’s Market Forces, a near-future techno thriller that will melt. your. face.
  • For a dirty weekend: Anything by R.A. Salvatore (dude does the most insane fight scenes)
  • To have and to hold: Sir Banister Fletcher: A History of Architecture. I have one of the 21st edition, in all its black and gold beauty. I SHIT YOU NOT!


Find out more about this KickAss Chick and her KickAss covers here:

Sabine red

KickAss Chicks Lucky 7 Giveaway

Welcome, wonderful book lovers to OPENING DAY at KICKASSCHICKS.COM. Please feel free to browse the site and see what we’ve got going on. You can enter our Lucky 7 Giveaway by clicking on either of the images below!rc

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Fun Guy Friday #1 – Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Lip-sync Battle

The ability to cut up, have fun and laugh at themselves, or be the butt of the joke is just one factor in a guy’s sexy quotient. We fall for them because they make us laugh. Come by every Friday to see what’s tickling our fancy. Oh, and don’t hesitate to link in comments if you have a video you want to share.

For this first post, I’ve picked Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd’s lip-sync battle. The Chicks have all agreed Paul is fun and funny. That he comes from Kansas City, my neck of the woods, makes this inaugural post special.

Thanks to NBC and The Jimmy Fallon Show for the link.
Gemma Sig-1a

Gift Wrapped by Karla Doyle

GIFT WRAPPED by Karla DoyleHere’s Gift Wrapped as the fabulous author, Karla Doyle sees it.

After catching her boyfriend cheating two weeks before Christmas, Brinn is seriously lacking in holiday spirit. So when she looks into the eyes of a last-minute shopper after closing on Christmas Eve, she’s sarcastic rather than sympathetic. But Brinn is ever the good girl and her conscience wins out. She offers the handsome stranger ten minutes to select a gift and ends up with a present of her own—a date. On Christmas Eve.

Davis hates Christmas. Especially this year, since a neighborhood heist liberated him of his hard-earned belongings and the few gifts he’d purchased. But the robbery led him to a cute store manager with a sense of humor, smokin’ body and no plans for the evening. Mistletoe might be in order after all.

Their Christmas Eve date is like gift-wrapped, sexy satisfaction. But the best gifts keep on giving, and one naughty night may not be enough—for either of them.

Why it Kicks Ass… by A.S.

If my Nook hadn’t run out of power, I would have stayed up all night to finish this book. Steamy sex, sweet romance and two of the most charming characters I’ve ever read. I loved the ebb and flow of this book, the instant connection between Brinn and Davis and the signature Karla Doyle humor. Davis is so freaking hot and Brinn is completely adorable. The book has a timeline and I found myself rooting for them to figure it out, work and their crap and get to the next level before it was too late. I wanted to jump into the pages and yell at them. In a very short time these two hooked me and I just wanted them to have their happily ever after.

If you’ve never read Karla Doyle, this is a great place to start. I LOVED this book. Don’t wait until next Christmas, this is a read all year round kind of love story. I laughed aloud and even cried a couple of times. Another wonderful story from a fabulous author. I highly recommend Gift Wrapped.


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