So, who are we and why are we here?

There is no industry that kicks ass like the fine people of the book world. Its diverse members hail from every country and corner of the globe—from the frazzled author tapping away while kids scream for dinner to the meticulous editor marking up manuscripts ‘til her eyes bleed to the multi-tasking blogger who’s juggling a hundred contests and tours at once to the glorious reader fangirling about her latest find and stockpiling her TBR list. Not to mention savvy agents hot on the hunt, clever publicists working their magic, personal assistants drowning in mail-outs, and a myriad more—all beautiful cogs in the giant wheel making the book world go round. What do we all have in common?

Simple: we love books. We love stories that whisk us away to another place and time, tales that break our hearts and mend them again, romances that make us blush, swoon, giggle, and quickly hide our Kindles from the nosy neighbor in the doctor’s office. We love imagination, creativity, beauty, inspiration, romance, and all the lovely words that bring them to life in vivid color.

And so, you ask, who are the Kickass Chicks? We’re writers and bibliophiles gone wild. Seven watchers on the wall in search of like-minded, book-loving, ass-kickers like us. What do we want? We want to celebrate everyone who falls into this category—from avid reader to aspiring writer to bestselling author.  You’re all welcome. It’s all good, all the time. So jump on in, the water’s fine.

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks A. S. for a great chat room 7/29/15. Learned much Texan. Hope you have a fantastic book signing in Florida and a marvelous year(s).


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